This Is How Our Love Began Part 2

JiminXReader Genre:Fluff/Angst/Smut

Your POV
After eating you headed towards your room. You opened your window for fresh air and relaxed onto your bed. You dial your friend’s number and wait for her to answer, “Hey, you okay?” 
“Yeah I’m fine I guess” you sigh 
“Well, I’m always here, okay?” 
“Yeah I know, thank you”
“So how’s the new house?” 
“Good. You know Park Jimin? I’m living with him…”
“What?! Like, the school’s most popular playboy?! The hottie?! Like the damn sexy one??” She screams through the phone. Your conversation seems to go on forever before your phone runs out of battery. You plug it into the charger and decide to go downstairs. As you walk down, you see Jimin on his phone. An idea pops into your mind, “Jimin, your mom is calling you in the kitchen” you say as you sit beside him. He gives you a look before nodding, placing his phone to the side. He walks away. You turn on the tv and started watching anything that was on. Jimin came back and you kept your focus on the television. He takes a seat beside you and watches the tv, without even looking at you, he spoke, “Was she really?” He mocks. You smile innocently at him. He picked up his phone and put in his passcode. You watched him ‘1-9-9-7’.
The rest of the evening flies by and soon enough, you’re both washing up, getting ready for bed. You laid down. You closed your eyes and waited for tomorrow. You wake up the next morning and found a pair of eyes meet yours. You sat upright and rubbed your eyes. Jimin’s hair was messy, he wore a white tank top, but you could clearly see the muscles on him. He wore black sweats and his arms were crossed over his chest, “what do you want, Jimin?” You asked, tired
“You know exactly what I want” he took a few steps closer to you and pinned you down on the bed, “J-Jimin?!” 
“Relax, let me take care of things” You woke up for real this time, 'what the hell?? What kind of dream was that?’ You get out of bed and someone knocks on your door, “Come in!” You say. Jimin opened up the door, “Good morning Y/n” he smiles.
Your heart beat sped up, what was he doing to you? Why is he so nice? Could he really be as bad as everyone says he is? 
He walks inside. He was wearing the exact same thing you imagined in your dream. He noticed you were staring at his body, “see something you like?” He smirked
“N-No” your cheeks were flushed as you looked away, “what do you want?” You ask him 
“Listen” he walked closer to you, “just because we live together doesn’t mean that we’re gonna get all close and stuff, okay?” 
You look at him with disbelief, “You think I would want to be close with you?” You chuckle, “Please” 
He pins you to the wall and gives you an intense stare, “You can’t deny it. I know you do” 
You decided to play his little game. You hooked your finger onto the strings of his sweatpants and pulled lightly. He looked at you. Surprised at your sudden outburst from your innocent looks. You grabbed him by the hem of his shirt and pulled him towards you, “If you know I do, then wouldn’t that mean you want too as well?” You give him a sly smile as you push him away and walk out of your room. You can practically imagine the look on his face, his mouth open and staring at what you had just done. You go to the bathroom and hop into the shower.

Jimin POV
“What the fuck? What just happened? Did she just..? She did..” He got up and brushed himself off, “she’s not as innocent as she looks” he smiles to himself, “but, what’s this feeling?” His heart was racing. 'Could I actually, like her? No way. She’s not my type… Right??’ He brushes through his hair, 'Aish, this feeling is so confusing. It’s probably because I haven’t had sex in a while… I better not like her..’ Your POV
“Shit, I was so into the heat of the moment that I forgot to grab my clothes.” You huffed in annoyance as you wrap a white towel around you and exit the bathroom. You sigh in relief when you don’t see Jimin in your room, 'the last thing I want is for him to see me like this’ you grab your clothes from your closet and quickly put them on. When you turn around, you bump into someone. You bite your lip in shock. Jimin is standing in front of you as he eyes you up and down, “got some fine legs there baby” he winks. You scowl at his words, but on the inside you were smiling. It isn’t every day you get a compliment from a guy like him, “okay, you can leave now” you wave
“Not so easy there” he wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you close, “you think you’ll get away with what you did earlier?” He didn’t know why, but his heart started beating faster around you
“you’ll pay for treating me like that”


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