BTS Screen Shot Game


Alright here we go. tagged by@annevictoria game by@thepinkprincess

share a room together You know what... I'd be ok with that. We can do shenanigans together. I love this fluffy marshmallow.

ends up in your bed . . . Why? What did you do? Did you call Jimin short again? Who are you hiding from? NOONA DOESNT WANT TO SHARE HER BED KOOKIE.

your boyfriend Swag. Apparently I took my screen shot at a really weird time haha. But nah seriously he'd be a good boyfriend.

dated him a few years ago (your ex) . . . What? No. I love Kookie, but I got my limits for age. Maybe we went on a date and then I learned he was a fetus and was like HA NOPE. I'M YOUR 2ND MOTHER NOW INSTEAD.

the one you always go to talk to Jimin seems like he'd be a very good person to talk to about your troubles. I'll go tell him Kookie is in my bed and to drag his butt out of it. :P

pranks you a lot KOOKIE. LEAVE. NOONA. ALONE.

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