Latino & InterCULTURE Dating: The Struggles

If you're Latino and dating someone from a completely different cultural background than you, what are some of the struggles or hardships you experienced from being culturally different from each other?

So let's say you're Dominican and you're dating someone who is French. Or you're Mexican dating someone who is from Jamaica. Or Puerto Rican who is dating someone who is from India.

What were/is some of your biggest hurdles?

I have mentioned this before, I have dated inter-racially and inter-culturally before. Just like any other relationship, you're going to have the tough shit you're gonna have to deal with.

I wouldn't say this has happened often, but did struggle with the fact that one of my ex-boyfriend came from a family where race was a weird thing. My darker color was a problem, and it did put a strain on our relationship

What's your story?

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