I Want The Headline... PT26

Genre: Angst (Mature Content Warning) MAFIA!YOONGI+BTS

Members: Yoongi/ Suga; Reader (You); Jimin; Jungkook; Jin; JHope; Rap Monster; Taehyung

Part: 26/? Character Profiles | Video

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Summary:He had a goal and you were just one more person to crush to get to it.


Jimin leaned back, intent stare drifting over the resolute expression on Jungkook’s face. What did he mean no? Jungkook rested his chin on his hands, elbows digging into his thighs as he stared at his shattered phone across the street. He shook his head slowly,

“Before..before she got shot, she wanted to run away; with me.” He whispered, glancing over at Jimin, “Y/N wanted to run away with me.” He repeated seriously, “She doesn’t feel anything for Yoongi, she’s just scared.” Jimin glared at him,

“He kissed her and she didn’t do anything!”

Jungkook shrugged, “He did that before and she didn’t know how to react that time either.” He assured them both, “She’s already said that no matter what she always picks me, no matter what I do to her. She loves me.”

“She’s Yoong’si-”

“She’s mine.”

Jimin suddenly, lashed out, gripping the collar of Jungkook’s jacket, “You don’t understand!” He yelled, “You saw him..you saw how he watched you with her for all of five minutes and then he was basically you towards her.” Jimin shoved Jungkook back,

“He was you, but he was better. He wasn’t even serious and she responded immediately! What about now? Now that he’s intentionally going after her?”

Jungkook looked unsure for a moment, his brows creasing. Confessing that he loved her and intentionally going after her were two different things. Jimin was hiding something. Raising up to his full height, Jungkook tilted his head in confusion,

“Where did Yoongi confess to her again?” He questioned lightly. Uneased by the sudden height difference, Jimin stood up as well. His fingers itched at his side, put off by Jungkook’s calculating stare. Jimin had to tread carefully. No longer high strung on emotion, Jungkook was actually listening to what Jimin was saying and trying to piece things together.

And there was quite a bit that did not fit right.

Jimin mentally blanked. He hadn’t expected Jungkook to recover so quickly. He wasn’t done playing on his emotions. Jimin had tried to use Jin’s tactic, but it had failed. Perhaps he should’ve asked him to properly teach him before he set the warehouse on fire.

“Oi, fucker, I asked you a question.”

Jimin stepped back instinctively and Jungkook stepped forward deliberately. The younger man’s eyes were trained on Jimin’s shoes. Glancing down, Jimin’s heart dropped at the ash covering his dark sneakers. He had thought he had stomped it all off when he had checked to make sure the furthest rooms were ablaze.

But he hadn’t.

And Jungkook was staring straight at them.

“Ju-Jungkook-ah, listen-”

“I am listening.” He cut in darkly. “I’ve been listening for a while. Your story doesn’t add up.” He nodded over his shoulders to the billowing smoke in the east, “And I’ve been watching too. That fire started after I was here, after I left the warehouse.” Jungkook’s lips tilted up in an irate smirk, “And you smell like smoke. So you’ve got ten seconds to tell me Y/N wasn’t in the warehouse when you set it on fire.”

Jimin shook his head furiously, “She’s with Yoongi, Yoongi saved her.”

“And where is Yoongi?”

Yoongi twisted the lock on the bedroom door, hands next moving to the deadbolt. Securing the deadbolt, he pushed the nightstand in front of the door and shoved a chair under the knob. Tae had been lingering near the room since Namjoon had brought Yoongi and Y/N there and Yoongi wasn’t taking any chances. Asleep on the bed, you laid perfectly still the blankets pulled up to your chest.

Taking a step back, Yoongi scrutinized his wrigging, subtly flinching when Taehyung suddenly tried the lock. “What!? Unlock the door!” he whined, knocking at it, “I’ll bring her back before you wake up, I swear.” Yoongi stepped away from the door, hesitantly sitting on the edge of the bed. He needed to think of a way out before Tae stopped playing around and actually got serious about trying to get in.

Sprawled out over the dresser was a map drawn on sticky notes of the route from the current room they were into the Namjoon’s office and the main exit. Yoongi knew how to get out. He just didn’t know when was the right time and how he was supposed to tote you and your injured leg. He glanced out the window as a light passed over it, eyes scanning the oddly dispersed look outs roaming the grounds.

You sighed.

Yoongi looked at you, surprised to see your eyes open and staring at him. He had no greeting words and instead waited for you to say something. Your eyes darted around the room, face contorting in pain. He shifted over, sitting beside you, hands gripping your injured thigh,

“It hurts but you have to massage it,” he murmured. Yoongi met your gaze, “Taehyung has been pacing outside the door, do not go near it. “ He warned you, “And if that door ever opens, stay behind me.”

“Where’s Jeon?”

“I don’t know.”

“Where’s Jin-”

“I don’t know!” he snapped, “I don’t know where anyone is but you. The only thing I’m sure about right now is that you and I are here and I don’t think we’ll be leaving anytime soon.” His hands slid away to rub at his temples, “I only know about you and I.” He repeated softly, “And how we need to get out of here.”

Suddenly, you piped up, “Jimin.” Yoongi sent you a sharp glare that had you looking away. “He’s the last person I remember seeing.” It was Jimin, claiming that he was taking you to Jungkook and telling you to trust him. And you end up waking up in some dimmed bedroom with Yoongi. “What happened?”

“Namjoon..He’s fucking crazy.” Yoongi’s face slackened, eyes cutting to you, “Choi..Namjoon gave him a choice to confess he loved you or to die and he chose death?” You nodded, unsure of how Yoongi knew this. The man sighed,” He asked me same thing. “He admitted, “I just agreed.”


“He was-” Outside Taehyung tried at the door again, laughing that it was still locked. Yoongi quietly waited until he had gone silent again before nodding as if that answered everything. “ He called in Tae and I couldn’t sit there while he did that, so I said yes.” He steadily leveled his eyes with you, “And I kissed you to prove it to Namjoon…You kissed back; you thought I was Jungkook.” Yoongi leaned forward, hand cupping the back of your neck to draw you in closer, “Namjoon’s sick..he’s going to want to see it again and you can’t push me away, Y/N.” He whispered delicately, “I don’t have any authority here, I have to listen to him as much as the next person and so do you.”

“I don’t want to kiss you,” You commented softly.

“I know you don’t, but you have to if you don’t want to be given to Tae.” Yoongi’s hand dropped, eyes tracing over the shape of your lips. “Kiss me.” Your brows furrowed, face turning from him. Yoongi sighed quietly, gripping your jaw, “This is how Jungkook does it, right?”

“For now,” Yoongi advised, “Just pretend I’m Jungkook. Pretend I’m him and respond like you would to him. At least until I know Namjoon’s not still interested in seeing this and I can get us out of this.” He felt you stiffen and his mouth drifted along your jaw, “I won’t make it difficult for you. I’ll can be Jungkook for you. I’ll can be him and I can be better.“

He placed a firm kiss on your lips, cold nose brushing over your cheek. “Then he’s a bit more gentle, I bet.” A feathery kiss dabbed at your mouth and Yoongi sighed, “Then he takes control.” His hand gripped your ponytail, pulling down on it until your face was tilting up towards Yoongi’s. He guided you, mouth persistent and constantly shifting positions.

Just like Jeon.

He kissed the corner of your mouth, “Just pretend for right now.” Yoongi tucked his head against yours, softly asking, “What’s my name?”

You shied away from him, unwillingly mumbling, “Jungkook.” He hummed, fingers soothingly kneading into your scalp as he pulled you back to him, eyes taking in your flushed appearance. He went back to the first tactic, tilting your head up to his, sighing when you slacked, ready for him to take control. It angered you to admit it, but with your eyes shut firmly, kissing Yoongi and kissing Jungkook didn’t felt any different.

He was just like Jeon.

It reminded you so much of Jungkook that when his mouth slid from yours you found yourself breathlessly whispering, Jungkook’s name. It felt as if he was there, but in the back of your mind there was that nagging feeling; warning you that the man touching you wasn’t Jungkook.

He was just good at imitating him.

And then Yoongi’s mouth was right in your ear, humming his own name to remind you. And that nagging feeling quieted until all you heard was Yoongi’s rumbling voice, and feel of his lips brushing over your ear as he told you his name over and over.

You shivered, feeling his cool fingers tilting your head up again. Lips parting, you expected to be be overwhelmed for the third time, but this kiss was slow and deliberate. Yoongi took his time, tongue dragging languidly over your own, teeth tugging at your bottom lip as he took an intake of breath. This was something you secretly hoped Jungkook would have done, but never got the chance to experience. And overall, you favored it the most.

His mouth slid from yours once more, settling on your ear. Yoongi’s voice quietly rasped

“What’s my name?” And you leaned into his touch, whispering,




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