Meet Reyna, the snow lynx

It's time for another edition of animals taking over the Internet. This feline cutie has some interesting ears and a big personality.

It's time to meet Reyna, the snow lynx.

Reyna is a highland lynx. The highland lynx breed was originally a wild cat, but now has been purely domesticated. The highland lynx is a relatively new breed. The first highland lynx kittens were born in 1995. The highland lynx breed is the only cat breed to be bred from two existing breeds, desert lynx and jungle curls.

Reyna has a lot of fans.

On Instagram, Reyna has more than 15,000 followers. Fans can get a glimpse into Reyna's pretty amazing life. Reyna's day includes a lot of napping, eating and adventuring. Reyna also has a sister, a black cat named Mia.

Just look at that face!

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