I Want The Headline...PT27

Genre: Angst (Mature Content Warning) MAFIA!YOONGI+BTS

Members: Yoongi/ Suga; Reader (You); Jimin; Jungkook; Jin; JHope; Rap Monster; Taehyung

Part: 27/? Character Profiles | Video

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Summary:He had a goal and you were just one more person to crush to get to it.

He had you.

He could kiss you and you’d curl into him, his name at the tip of your tongue. His finger could trail up your sides and you’d twitch, jaw slackening against his mouth. He was almost to the point where he could pin you down under him. You’d cave into almost anything he initiated with touch.

He had you physically.

But once your eyes opened and you actually looked at him, Yoongi saw the shift. You’d pull away, wiping his saliva from your lips and stare off to the side, brows furrowed. His hands would go cold at the loss of you and he knew that it’d be awhile before you’d look at him again. And all Yoongi could do was pull you back to him, his touch distracting you from really looking at him until you were leaning into him; eyes shut tight wishing he was someone else. And he was okay with that for now. He had promised he’d make it easy for you; he’d be Jungkook. But he also promised he’d be better. For now, all he could do was draw you in by touch, and hope that next time, you’d come to him.

He needed you to. Namjoon wouldn’t accept any less. It wasn’t until he had reeled you back for the seventh time that you were turning your head away from him before he could even kiss you and whispering, “This feels wrong.”

His hand dropped away, face solemn as he replied, “I know.” You looked at him, utterly confused. If he knew it was wrong, why was he doing it? Yoongi knew it was wrong. He was trying to coerce you into feeling something for him without explaining why he needed you to feel that way. But in truth, he didn’t want to tell you that it was either you love him and be killed by Jungkook or you don’t and be given to Taehyung.

Because he felt like he knew which one you’d choose.

He didn’t have you at all.

He just hoped that he would.

So he sighed, head resting against his pillow beside yours as he did what he had done every night for the past month. Pulling the blankets up to your shoulder, he doubled checked the barricade at the door, eyes scanning every detail. When he was satisfied, he shifted closer to you until he was pressing you against the wall, his arm draping over your body. You admit that you were only able to rest easy if he was that close. There had been several occasions where someone was rattling the doorknob violently in the middle of the night and Yoongi had taken it upon himself to curl over you, the weight of his body comforting you back to sleep as he remained awake until he felt it was safe.

Now, it was a normal habit whenever you two would go to bed.

You shifted, tucking your head under his chin and wondering where Jungkook was and if he was alright. Jungkook had been on your mind for the majority of the day, everyday. But after the third time of asking, you realized that Yoongi was telling the truth when he said he only knew about you and him. The only thing you could do was hope Jungkook was alright, but the worst always came to mind. At first Yoongi had dumbly asked why you were suddenly crying, but when he learned why, he retreated, unsure of what to do.

But now, he only listened to you babble about Jeon.

And he took note.

And he used it.

And it was working.

You never even noticed how his mannerisms had changed and shifted and blended into something familiar, but different. He was the same comfort as Jungkook, but there was always something that was different.

But you liked it.

Yoongi rested his chin atop your head, arm draped over your shoulder. He had already turned the light off and you had slipped your cold feet between his legs; the tell tale sign that you were ready for bed. So he did what he did every night with you.

He asked you about your life before all of this.

The previous night he had learned that you and Jin weren’t particularly close until you graduated high school and the night before that he heard a long winded story about a man name Jaehwa. Yoongi had fallen asleep before he was able to hear the relation the man had to you, but you hadn’t mentioned him again. Occasionally, he’d ask questions, but they always seemed to stump you and he’d get tired waiting for you to answer. It was during those times that he’d kiss your temple, murmuring that it’d be best to sleep and you could answer him some other time.

While you enjoyed telling Yoongi of these things, a part of you was disheartened. You had wanted Jungkook to know all this first, but he had blatantly expressed he had no interest for his own reasons. And now you had no idea where he was. You had no plans of telling Yoongi anything, but he had started it. Telling him about your life and hearing his opinion on things had become the highlight of your day. The thought of doing this with Jungkook never seemed like a real possibility after you and Yoongi had started doing so. Yoongi’s low voice dispersed your thoughts as he asked,

“What makes you feel safe?”

Tired and longing for Jungkook coupled with the throbbing in your leg, you wondered why Yoongi never asked typical guy questions like, ‘What’s your favorite movie?’ or ‘Have you ever tried insert-food-name?’ He always asked things that made you think, but he never stayed up long enough to hear the answer. You shifted your head, nuzzling it comfortably between his head and shoulder. His fingers ran along your bare arm, waiting for the usual ‘Um..’ so he could sigh and tell you to tell him tomorrow.

“Wait.” You mumbled, pulling back slightly to look up at him. In the completely dark room, you could barely make out his face, inches away, staring down at you. Squinting at him, you could hear him chuckle softly,

“Wait for what?” He asked.

“My answer.” You whined, “You always ask and then you fall asleep or you tell me to tell you the next day.” He asked such thought provoking questions then went to sleep. It often had made you wonder if he even cared, but every day during breakfast (which consisted of him locking you in the bathroom and un-barricading the door to open it to whoever brought food), he’d remind you of the question and listen to you answer.

He hummed, kissing your cheek, “I’ll wait then.”

You suddenly felt nervous, fingers knotting in his shirt, “Honestly? People bigger than me who look out for me make me feel safe.” You whispered. It had alway been that way and you had never wanted to do anything about it. You were content to be looked after.”First it was my dad, then my oldest brother, then Jin, then Jeon and now you..It’s sad right?”

He thought for a moment, a low whining coming from his throat as he thought of what to say, “It’s not sad to trust people.”

“That’s what Jimin said and look where it got me.” You raised a brow, “And you have no room to talk, you didn’t even show your members your real face.” He was the king of trust issues. You felt his hand slid down, firmly gripping your waist. Yoongi scratched his head with his free hand, biceps contracting under your head with the action.

“You just have bad judgment.” He deadpanned,” Unlike me. I trusted Jin and he’s never failed me. Choi…he was a suggestion from Jin and I don’t even know where Jimin and Hoseok came from..they were just there one day. That was your oldest brother’s choosing..” He corrected, “But in general, it’s not bad to trust someone.” He leaned his head back down against yours.

It was time to try something new. Jungkook had done this countless times and you always responded. Now he was going to see how far he could get with it. “I make you feel safe?” He asked softly.

Quietly, you admitted, “Yes. You make me feel very safe, Yoongi. I’d probably be dead now if it wasn’t for you. I wish had been kinder to you when we first met.” His fingers paused along your skin and you lifted your head up in disbelief, “Did you just fall asleep?” Yoongi lightly pinched you, lips pressing a kiss under your jaw,

“No, Y/N. I was thinking.” He grumbled,” Like how you do for hours whenever I ask you something.” He teased. You smiled, brushing his hair out of his face and softly kissing him. It was short; he felt the tip of your tongue brush over his before you pulled away, shaky hands wiping his mouth and your own. You were nervous to how he’d responded, he concluded.

He waited until you had pulled away before hesitantly testing the waters. Yawning, he sleepily called, “Jagi?” You settled back against him, arms wrapping around his torso, unable to look at him.. Yoongi smirked when you only relaxed into him, sleepily mumbling,


He kissed the top of your head, “Goodnight, Jagi.”

You initiated something.

He almost had you.



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