VIXX Lunar New Year: Results!

[Has Dinner with Me]'re so sweet....I'm not sure I can accept this!!!

[Decorates the House with You]

Your lyrics are hypnotizing....

[He Holds Your Hand the Whole Time]

I'm glad you're holding my hand through this crazy crowd!! <3

[Stays Up as Late as He can Cuddling with You]

Awww...Ravi, don't tire yourself. You just made a bunch of dumplings for me!

[Falls Asleep on Your Shoulder]

MORE DUMPLINGS?! I'm in crossfit classes for a reason ya know?! I'm losing inches, not gaining! Love ya!

[Confesses His Love for You]

{Lunar New Year Sweet Heart}

LEO!!! This is the first time I've gotten my Bias in a VIXX game!! LMAO! Woooooo!


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