Friendly Recommendation: TsunDelinquent

so my best friend writes stories and his girlfriend draws the cover pages and pictures for it. I call them the perfect duo lol I wish I could find my perfect duo *cries a little inside* but anyways, this post is not about how I'm single and sad lol I'm here to praise their work. His first story which he's been posting online on deviantart for like 3 years now is called TsunDelinquent which I find to be a very fun read and her art work (which she started drawing from chapter 15 and present) are awesome. TsunDelinquent is about a guy named Katsuro Endo and his journeys with his delinquent friends Daisuke, Junichi, and Izaya. Follow them as they live their hilarious lives as delinquents and the crazy adventures they face, have it be fighting rival gangs of delinquents, or fighting off police in insanely colored suits that resemble power rangers. no matter what, TsunDelinquent never dulls out. TsunDelinquent is pretty much a comedy, parody, and action. From what I've read so far, I can say Im definitely digging his story. its a such fun read to pass the time. i hope you guys would check it out. it would mean a lot to me. alright peace out.

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