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He had dinner with you. Well alright.

He decorates the house with you. Make it pretty Hyukkie

He holds your hand the whole time I'm good with holding hands with my bias. I bet his hands are nice.

He stays up as late as he can cuddling with you. Tbh I'd probably be only comfortable with cuddling Hyukkie since he's the closest to my age. I mean cuddling Hakyeon would be cool but he's too busy over there harassing Taekwoon.

Falls asleep on your shoulder Aw how cute. Sleep well Cha leader, you need your rest to harass your dongsaengs.

Confesses his love to you Hyukkie....this is sudden. (Little mermaid reference ehehehehe[aw that made me think of Moorim school I feel so bad for Binnie in the newest episode] UNDER DA SEA MOTHERFUCKER) but yeah sure bro. Let's date. We can sing that bumbumbum song you always sing and just watch as Hakyeon gets his ass kicked by Taekwoon when Taekwoon's patience finally wears out. I'll bring the popcorn.

Wait...all Hyuk and Hakyeon...I SEE HOW IT IS JAEHWAN, WONSHIK, TAEKWOON, AND HONGBIN!!! YOU DON'T WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH ME?! it's okay i completely understand i mean if i were you i wouldn't want to spend time with me either it's cool i still love you i'll just be over here..with arm is falling asleep so can someone move hakyeon?

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