4minute's "Hate"

I realized how long it has been since I posted and I am so sorry There has been so many videos I have missed but I could not pass up 4minute's "Hate" for many reasons. I absolutely loved the music video. The concepts slightly brought me back to the glorious "Volume Up" era while mixed with their last comeback "Crazy." The girls looked absolutely stunning, even in baggy jeans, huge sweaters, and Tims. I can actually say they can pull off any look and this is so rare as outfits get crazier. Besides the visuals, the song is amazing but takes a while to get used to, especially the beat drop. Since they worked with Skrillix (idk how to spell his name), a crazy beat is expected but these trumpets/trombones are really unexpected. However after a listen or two, I found myself attempting to learn the choreography and lipsycing my life away. Without a doubt "Hate" is going to bring in the wins.

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