5 Reasons You Should Spend V-Day With Your Best Friend


You've got a friend in me.

Nobody wants to be sad and lonely on lover's day, but who says you have to? If your best friend happens to be in the same boat, it's only right that the two of you turn a negative into a positive. That's what friends are for, right? When you have an amazing friend, who needs a mate? They are your soul mate. Besides, if anyone knows you better than yourself it would be them.

Ditch the sulking in bed all day with a pint of ice-cream or invite your friend to join. Two is always better than one. Twenty-four hours sounds like an eternity, but the day will be over before you even know it. Friends don't let friends be bitter on Valentine's Day, so make the most of those twenty-four hours and spend the day with the one person who seems to get you. Do you need a reason why? Well, guess what -- I have five reasons why you should spend lover's day with your best friend. Keep scrolling and to find out why.


If anybody knows you, your best friend does.

Being in a presence of someone who knows you inside and out is one of the best feelings. They know what you like and what you don't like, but the best part of all is they don't judge you.


They won't let you be down and out.

If you're crying on Valentine's Day, they'll be crying right by your side. They don't want to see you sad. They know just what to say and do to turn your mood from bad to good in no time.


Netflix and chill is appropriate.

Don't feel like going out? Netflix and chill is always an option with your best friend. Oh yeah, let's not forget the pizza and chocolate candy. Who needs a restaurant when you have a comfortable bed to lay in?


Gifts aren't expected.

Their friendship and quality time is more than enough, but you know that if they do give you a gift it will be something you absolutely love.


You can look a mess and they'll still love you.

Getting dressed up with a face full of makeup is not necessary. Your friend has seen you at your best and at your worst. No need to go all out when they love you regardless. No need to impress.

Talk about the simple things.

If you ask me, Valentine's Day with your best friend sounds amazing.

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