I know, a little late. Guess that is fact No.1- I can be Lazy, Slow, prone to Procrastination. I would be one the first to go in the Zombie Apocalypse. My Full Birth Name is Nicolas James Diaz. Recently I was given (unofficially) The Native Name of Traveling Wolf, by my family up in Oregon. XD XD XD XD

I love anything to do with Comedy. Crossover memes are always hilarious. A play on pretty boys from any source is funny as well. (Although anyone who watched Episode VII knows that he won't look so pretty in the next Movie.) Christopher Walken is absolute hilarity, vastly underrated as an actor, according to my brother. I love every role of his, in any movie he shines brightly. Hope he is brought into the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Villain or All powerful noninvasive caretaker of the universe. Whatever the execs feel is right. Fell in love with Atla from the first episode. It is a brilliant show that will hopefully inspire generations to come. Lok was just as good, little sporadic, but she was of the Water tribe. Water being the symbol of Change. understanding that fact helps with understanding the seemingly chaotic flow of Lok. Personally I wish Netflix would opt to continue the series. Avatar has so much potential, and its Creators built a good foundation for the show to grow on. Fandom life . . . . . . can be . . . . difficult at times. You all have been there I am sure. Any Game show is essentially a comedy show. They just give prizes, most of the time money, sometimes it is for the sake of a title. In exchange for a little Humiliation or Grandstanding. DBZ Fan since Day one!!!!!!! Don't quite remember most of Dragonball, I was a small child back then please don't judge. Loved watching DragonBall Z all day everyday though. The android saga through the Cell saga, so many developments, and Awesome Clashes, My God it was glorious to say the least. The Majin Buu saga just pure delight, loved Ss3, the various forms of Fusion. GT was a solid series in my opinion. I know Akira-Sama did not approve of it, love it anyways. Ss4 seemed like a more natural progression than "God" form. Topic for another card though.

My sense of humor is vast, it spans from the light of childhood humor to the dark corners of sexual perversion and a little bit beyond. there are subjects that I believe are not funny; Necrophilism, Dead babies. I am going to stop there, going to a negative zone. Puns, my God throw a good series of Puns my way and we can be friends until the end of time. I was in Drama for Junior and Senior Year, the Instructor loved emphasising his Puns as he threw them out left and right. God bless That man.

Video Games are another piece of the puzzle that is my life. First console was the Playstation with the games Spyro, Hot Wheels Turbo Racing, Crash Bandicoot. It was a fun family night when we all played, Good times. Over the years, I have grown with the gaming industry. Ps2, Ps3, Ps4. Picked up a Wii-U recently. (Everybody throws on Smash bros at a party) Been trying to step my game up because of that.

Lastly My face!!!!!! I know, I know "The Horror!!!" Sorry for making this such a long card but Lightning Round: -Currently attending the Riverside National Bartending School. -I am Native American, Irish, and Mexican mixbreed. Damn Proud Of Them All!!!!!!!! - 22 Levels up, First Spawned in the year of 1993. -Young Single and Ready to mingle, Get it Ladies of Vingle!!!!!!!! -California born, The O.C. Baby bounced all around SoCal though.

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