Mario Skate Highlights The Rivalry Between Mario and Luigi

I don't know if I wrote about this card already but one of my friends on Facebook recently sent it to me again and I absolutely love it. Most fan-made videos about the iconic Super Mario Bros. are all about Mario. It's still all about Mario, I mean it's Mario that drives Luigi's actions in this vid, but we get to spend all the time with Luigi during his weird boosted longboard time trial.

One of the (many) reasons I like this video so much is where it's set. I'm tired of seeing different people's interpretation of the Mushroom Kingdom (usually drug-filled because Internet = original ideas). So seeing that this video is set in our world but still includes those classic Mario sights and sounds is awesome.


Even now, I still don't understand how they got some of the effects to work in this video. One of the more amazing moments in the vid is when Luigi is on that little piece of road that's supposed to be the shortcut. I don't get how they made it look like that but I still find it super awesome every time I see that part.

Another really awesome thing about this video is the way Luigi tries so hard to beat Mario's time but seconds after he does, Mario comes back and beats Luigi's time almost immediately. It's hilarious to me that no matter how hard Luigi tries, he'll always be the second best (I realize that's kind of mean to say but whatever).

What do you guys think? Have you seen this before?


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