The Song You Need When You've Settled For Less

Foxing quickly became one of my favorite bands after I came across one of their songs on YouTube. From the things that the lead singer decides to do with his voice to his use of trumpet in some of the songs on their debut album, The Albatross, it doesn't matter. I was hooked as soon as I started delving into their discography.

One of my best friends always asks me how I listen to them because all their songs are so sad. And he's right, they are super sad. A little depressing at times but I think they don't go into that territory lightly. Their lyrics get to the point and cut deep. And this song, The Medic, is a song that really resonates with me.

I've been in multiple romantic relationships where I've felt like I've either made a mistake or the person I was with made me feel that I was something that they were settling for. And this song definitely captures this. It's a hard feeling for me to describe so I'll just leave (all of) the lyrics for you guys below.

Notable Lyrics:

She says, "You always smell like cigarettes and there's always whiskey on your breath. But you're the best that I can do and I think I love you." Now if you want me to slow down. Just tell me to slow down. Because I want to be loved. She says, "You don't love me you just love sex but I can't wait around for something better than this because you're the best that I can do and I wish I could leave you."

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