60 minutes A Mark x you Oneshot Fanfic ft jackson

59 minutes to go... "I HAVE TO GET TO HER LET ME GO!!" mark yelled at the top of his Lungs, the call from the men that stole you his Wife. "SHUT UP...don't say anything else or i'll kill her... right here right now" he said over the phone mark looked at the live video terrified As he saw you there tied up to a chair with one of the men pointing a gun to your head scared...crying ...wanting to go home. "now....are you gonna compromise or do i have to make you" he said running his hand down your shirt touching your C cup breast's mark got up from his seat with anger in his eyes watching someone touch you was not only disgusting but wrong as u were his,mark went up closer to the screen and called your name. "(y/n) baby are you okay?" you looked up at the sound of his voice such warmth such happiness that he made you felt your sigh of relive when he said " don't worry i'll be there soon...okay stay strong" he said

"SHUT UP" *boom* crash* Jackson kicked a near by chair as you scream for fear Jackson picked back up the phone and said " listen you got 50 minutes left to choose what's what are you gonna do what I want or do you want to be a widow?" mark looked at you with fear in his eye's he knew that him being in a gang was gonna bite him later that's why he left without notice he didn't want you to get hurt he wanted a good life after he met you and now this happens. "fine i'll do what you want just let my wife go" he said with anger "good" he started to walk around you "get me 3 mil in the next...45 minutes or you can say bye bye to your little wife" Jackson explained and hanged up mark frantically went out the door to call bankers,friends,family even God himself to come save you, But no luck the only way he could help and save you was to come get you himself but he would need back up so he decide to call his pals from a gang fight he met before to see if there was a way to save you. "crap 39 minutes" he cursed out his mouth he grabbed his phone and called hoping they would help a old pal out


You watched Jackson pasting back and fourth frighted at what he might do next for all you know he could kill you and hide the body so well you want be find until your skin was eating by maggots by the look of things your were only scared for the baby...the baby that you were gonna tell mark about today before this happened. "w-why are you doing this" you said with a horse voice from all the crying you did you awaited for the answer as he grabbed the chair he kicked and came up to sit in front of you. "do you really need to know?" he said laughing a little under his breath you looked at him with a sorry look in his eyes as you remember what you did to him before it was a misunderstanding but he didn't listen.


You were at home waiting for your long time 5 year boyfriend Wang Jackson for your anniversary party with him and his gang members you knew being in love with a gang leader was tricky but you didn't care he was your life and everything you over looked it. *ding*dong* you wet to get the door hoping it was Jackson but it was just mark you and mark have know each other since the fist time Jackson introduce you to the team he was nice ans sweet and helped you with things when Jackson couldn't he was like your best friend and you loved him or that. "hey have a seat" you told him mark sat down as you continue preparing for the party you looked behind you to find mark staring at you with his face inches from yours "mark what are yo-" you were stopped by mark kissing you the kiss felt magical but the fact why he did it still confuses you the kiss didn't last long as you felt a release. *punch* you see Jackson on top of mark punching him with force flowers on the floor and cake spilled you yell stop but Jackson didn't listen he keep going until mark face was covered in blood the sounds o mark laughing and Jackson punching filled the room you tried to stop him but only to get pushed down. AH! you screamed as you felt a sharp pain in your stomach Jackson then got of o mark and looked at you grab his stuff and left only the sounds of mark coughing can be herd. end flashback~

6 mounts later here you are in this mess "that day was a mis-" you tried to explain but Jackson yelled stopping you "i don't want to hear it" he said as he got up "your little hubby better get here soon" he said looking at the time " only 5 minutes left" he riled off

before you can say anything else you heard a boom and saw the door get knocked own it was mark him and ew others came mark tried to make his way over to you but jackson and his men stopped him while everyone was fighting jackson grabbed you and took you to the roof mark followed he saw you and Jackson near the edged of he building as Jackson seem like he was ready to throw you off. "well well did you get my money?" he taunted "guess not since your hear with your men" he said laughing marked looked at you saying its gonna be okay, jackson hated what was happening he grabbed you and starting to slowly push you over he edge mark started t run he puled jackson and starting punching him. " you bastard what did i ever do to you" mark yelled "you took my girl" jackson punched " she was never yours" he said "she was until you tried to steal her and she went along with it you to be trade me" he yelled back "STOP IT BOTH I YOU" you yelled at then hey didn't listen they kept fighting until mark got pushed "fine if that is what you think let see what she says" he said and grabbed you and dangled you over he edge "how about now what YOU GONNA DO NOW" jackson yelled looking at mark. mark grabbed a gun from his pocket and started to aim it at jackson "oh shoot me okay go ahead we both die" he said he sat you down on the roof edged and whispered "this is what happens when you hurt me you caused this" jack stood up "marku~ hurry up you got 1 minute" he said you were worried this wasn't supposed to happend you were gonna have a good life with you and your boyfriend and baby you didn't want this to happend you started to cry jackson noticed but ignored because he seen it before you couldn't take it any more 10 "s...stop" 9 "s...s..stop"8 "s....stop jackson" 7 "stop what your lies thats your fault" 6 "n...no" 5 "no what" 4 "i..im..im..im" 3 "YOUR WHAT (Y/N)!!!" 2 "IM PREGNNAT WITH YOUR BABY JACKSON" 1


*BOOM* ahh le cries i write so beautifuly ........lol

well i guess i can say see you saterday i was bored and i couldnt sleep anad i got inspired so i hope you enjoyed i might make more but when im bored and tired lol untill next time Ps. 7am spongbob came on and i just died at these mark pics. @ashleyemmert @AudreyJelly@Mikim000@luna171@VeronicaArtino@Helixx@AudreyJelly@amobigbang@mandynoona@MadAndrea@nenegrint14@ChelseaGarcia@destiny1419@baileykayleen@MorganElisabeth @ladygdragon@sugafree@Kpopandkimchi@jojojordy2324@byeolbit@JinsPrincess86@parktaemi@celeste2655@Atamshair@B1A4BTS5ever@Miss148@honey5oo@ponouvang123@AimeeH@StephenyAcevedo@ARMYStarlight@StephanieDuong@ChaErica@KpopGaby@reyestiny93@VixenViVi@NykeaKing@mitchix5@britneyamanda@Katherina2078@DianaBell@MorganElisabeth@solodaywithB1A4@xoxoaudra98@Maxxie12@KaceyDodge@VeronicaArtino@DulceZelaya@saraortiz2002@xxtina@EmilyPeacock@IMNII@Jiyongixoxo@KpopQueenBee@danidee@BriannaN@Marblue143@amandamuska@ashleydj1oo@xsandas17@ChelseaJay@KwonOfAKind@Selfishmachine@thePinkPrincess@Rebecca22@sarahdarwish@MandyNoona@LauraEspinoza@btsgotshinee@amobigbang@PandaSoapy@MadAndrea@VikaAlex@SokharChea@bambamisbae@DinaEXo@tinaechle@ravenator143@MomoChemie@nnatalieg@sunggaray@Bockah1327@Cindystran@KatelynSummerso@hyunsaeng638@nightshade18@herrerawanessa9@KpopJunkiesTV@BluBear07@creames@beckiboop1996@SuperJuniorelf@KdramaKpop1018@JessicaChaney@misssukyi@Rocky1903@ninjamidori@Kpossible4250@anniemimis@AnnaArai@GossamoKewen95@Exoexo@EsmeraldaCayeta@igotswag@SarangRavi@kpoplover1995@DemiseiaGardner@BBxGD@CreeTheOtaku@DawanaMason@FalseLove@catchyacrayon@clandrea170@glo86@parktaemi@tinaechle@JackieG1617@emilyanpham14@LexTay327@MissyKim@Mercedesbenz98@jennymedina@SerenityPierce@aabxo@NancyNongvilay@DasiaB@Sisicup@Ticasensei@KaeliShearer@AnnieGoodman@juunnee@taetaejojo@kieusero@kissofdeath316@KeziahWright@annemimis@Starbell808@MaeLyn@sunglrll99674@KhouYang@PrettieeEmm@Ercurrent @Mercii@staceyholley@ChelseaAustin@SaiT@Emealia@sarahdarwish@herreravanessa9@AlloBaber@LaynicornLay@thePinkPrincess@RihannaTiaMay@KatieRussell@SugalessJams@ILikeHisFace123@heidichiesa@SugaOnTop@katiems@DesireeChucklez@jaebug@moonchild03@terenailyn@xsandos17@SarahVanDorn@11erinmims@kpopandkimchi@glo86@Tigerlily84@PrettieeEmm@byeolbit@ChelseaJay@KellyOConnor@poojas@StephanieDuong@KDramaKPop1015@MadAndrea@VIPforever123@fallchild@solodaywithB1A4@CreeTheOtaku@MorleeCorielus@JaxomB@ARMYStarlight@luna1171@AgentLeo@Roxt1903@amandamuska@GDsGF@sherrysahar@kpopdeluxegirl@CheyenneJesse@KaceyDodge@MyaIsNotSexy@DeniseiaGardner@abiersack666@Taehyungkey@BtsIsLife@Bitterlimelight@KpopQueenaBee@Rhia@Kieuseru@sherrysahar@VIPFreak2NE1@yewookyu@Kyokeo@RainaC3@reyestiny93@terenailyn@LilySilver@KpopGaby@heidichiesa@KeziahWright@Dabaesaplayer@ShimJooKyung@SamanthaRae19@DawanaMason@destiny1419@AlloBaber@JasmineWilliams@VixenViVi@VeronicaArtino@Exoexo@shantalcamara@bangtanella@taetaebaozi@torchix@JohnEvans@DestinaByrd@LenaBlackRose@NalaniCerteza@BlueBear07@CreeTheOtaku@Marilovexoxo@chinabarrier16@MalihaAhmed@B1A4BTS5ever@AmbieB@Rhia@VIPFreak2NE1@Vkookie47@PassTheSuga@stevieq@Helixx@JasminMartinez@KwonOfAKind@CarleB@jessicacheung97@shannonl5@LAVONYORK@Kuzuri96@CreeTheOtaku@Ercurrent@PandaSoapy

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