Ha Jiwon is returning to drama as an Empress

Ha Jiwon will be returning to the small screen! This time, in a historial drama called Hwatu that talks about the life of Goryeo's Empress Gi. As dramabeans put it, Ha Ji-won stars as Empress Ki, born in Goryeo and taken to be a concubine of the Yuan emperor. She eventually becomes empress and is a key figure during the time of King Gongmin’s coup against the Mongol state. (It’s the same timeline as Faith, and she’s the sister of Ki Chul.) The drama will be about her turbulent life story, from being taken to a foreign country to becoming empress, as she attempts to protect her pride and identity as a person from Goryeo, eventually falls in love, and makes political waves. The drama will premier after Kim Bum's Goddess of Fire, so that's still a pretty long way to go. To be honest, there are too many historical dramas nowadays that I'm not sure whether I would be watching it at all. I love Ha Jiwon and all (come on, who doesn't love her in Secret Garden, or the King 2 Hearts?) but that is probably not enough to draw me in. Unless they decide to give the male lead role to Hyunbin again? Yea I wish.

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