Jessica Jones Official Twitter Goes Off!


It's so rude and I love it.

she's a character that takes no sh!t and says exactly what we're all thinking

*warning for grown-up (or maybe immature is a better word) language*

Someone's gonna need burn cream.

Just in case anyone was wondering: This show is not a male-centric sexual fantasy.

"Girl power bullshit".


I wonder what would happen if we all started calling the other 90% of superhero media "man power bullshit"?

So flattering. NOT.

Turns out women don't like it when you insult them. FASCINATING.

I can feel this Twitter account's judgement from here.

@ journalists: If the answer to your article can be summed up as either 'yes' or 'no', it's not worth writing.

Everyone's entitled to their opinion. What they're not entitled to is freedom from mockery if their opinion is unnecessary.


True that Jessica!

They even went in on the Deadpool movie! (Sidebar: remember how much crap Nicki Minaj got for talking about what makes HER happy in bed? Guess it's cool when a guy does it...)

For anyone wondering 'is this the real life' ^^^

Yup. This is the world we're living in and it feels good to be alive.

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