These Fallout 4 Inspired Valentine's Day Cards Will Melt Your Synth Heart

I love the Internet. There are millions of reasons as to why I love the Internet but the biggest reason for me is fan art. Especially when that fan art coincides with the worst (for me, anyway) holiday of the year, Valentine's Day.

As you all know, I've been playing a ton of Fallout 4 so when I saw these Valentine's Day cards for each companion, I nearly lost my mind. I also realized that I haven't found most of the companions like I thought I did.

Jillian Bakos

Also, above, is Preston Garvey who still found a way to mention a settlement on a romantic occasion... Geez, Preston, get over it.

too intense

Oh, Piper. Your devotion to your newspaper is something I admire. Although, you're kind of too eager when it comes to figuring out the truth about the Commonwealth. The truth about the Commonwealth is that it's a wasteland and it smells here sometimes. I don't know what else you could be writing about, pal.

And last but not least, Nick... Valentine...

Wait a minute...

Is Valentine's Day really Nick Valentine's Day? Does that mean I get to spend all day with Nick and solve Commonwealth crimes? What's that you say, Nick Valentine? You think I'm the best human detective you've ever met? Oh Nick... [blushes], you always know what to say don't you? [coy laugh] No I don't! I have crooked teeth! My smile isn't that pretty...

hanging out


i did all that i could.
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