Agent Krystal Chapter 21/?

Well, we've reached the half way point, people! Hows it feel? Crazy right? I know I can't believe it, and i'm writing it! Wow, who knew huh? As always I appreciate you all so much for loving this story so much!! You guys rock!!

JJ was waiting for Raven at their penthouse. "I want to show you my home" he told her softly the night before as they cuddled in bed, just getting ready to sleep. She was half asleep at the time and muttered a soft okay before her breathing slowed and she fell asleep fully. She hadn't been fully listening when she agreed.

When Raven finally arrived, JJ grinned, kissing her passionately as he pulled her into the penthouse. "Are you ready?" he asked, flicking his wrist and two giant wooden doors with dragons carved into them appeared in the living room of their apartment. Raven's mouth gaped slightly as she watched him use his magic so nonchalantly. Sure, she knew that he had it, but she had never actually seen him use it in the strictest sense. Usually he only used it for small things, like manifestation of a bouquet of flowers or the like. She was amazed once again that this man was hers. Raven nodded, fingering the door that seemingly went to nowhere. "Yes Jamie, I'm ready."

JJ smiled at her, flicking his wrist again. On command, the door opened with a soft creak, revealing Krystal's futuristic yet oriental kingdom. "Ladies first" he told her softly, gesturing for her to walk through large doors and onto the long stone pathway. It was dark and all the lights of the city were on. The moon shone brightly over their heads as they walked down the long bridge, Raven looking all around. "This place is beautiful, JJ" Raven admitted as she held his hand, walking up to a large castle at the heart of the city. He was home.

A young girl ran over to them, handing Raven a bunch of roses that were a translucent purple. "Welcome home, prince!" She exclaimed and all those in the surrounding city area turned to watch. JJ, unlike his mother, had never brought anyone home with him. Raven found herself shocked again. "Prince?! You never told me you were a prince! Prince of what?" she exclaimed in surprise, watching him for a reaction. She knew he was a fae, but he'd never mentioned this. JJ cowered slightly. His voice was meek as he spoke "Uh, of this whole realm?"

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