Anime Comminity Heads Up: {February's Ships & Feels}

Hiya Nakama!! tbell2 here and since it's the month of love, we have the {February's Ships & Feels} Challenge where I will be making cards asking questions about favorite ships, music, seiyuu, and more! Make response cards and tag the Mod-nificent Team @InVinsybll@VoidX@Danse@hikaymm@TylerDurso and mee!)! We would love to see your responses! (:

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Tagging @NikolasSatterwh@JadaDiemand@AdamDean@ZeltzinCorona@MadAndrea@Kirik@punksjunk@nberry1620@Silverfang@Animefanatic18@shannonl5@littlemaryk@JakeErter@pervysagex@tayhar18920@ShinigamiSan@dragonlover1852@KaylanMadoori@TreverMoon@reaper412@ReinShirai

Just your Typical college student who would rather watch anime and read than go to a party. (: Send me a message if you wanna talk about awesome anime! 🤓
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