Couples Smooch It Up To Test Out Long-Wearing Lipstick

Smudged lipstick is a faux pa in the world of makeup.

Think about how much effort you would have to put into reapplying the product to your lip every single time your lipstick happened to budge for whatever the case may be. Okay, maybe that's a bit lazy -- but let's be realistic nobody wants to constantly reapply their lipstick if it can be prevented. Thanks to long wearing lipstick that doesn't have to be an issue for all my avid lipstick wearers anymore.

Several brands have come out with lipsticks that are guaranteed to stay put whether you're sippin' or slobbin' your significant other down. As romantic as that may sound -- or not, I think I can speak for every woman and say that we would all appreciate wearing a lipstick for a set amount of time before we have to go searching for it in our bag. One lipstick that promises long-wear is Kylie Jenner's lip kit collection.

Sometimes companies will claim their products do one thing when they really do another, so Cosmopolitan took matters into their own hands and had a handful of couples make out to test Kylie's lip kit out for accuracy.

If you plan on purchasing, but want to know what you're getting yourself and your lips into first -- keep scrolling to see just how long these babies will stay on your lips without smudging.


Hopefully that video answered all your question.

So, my question for you is: will you be investing?


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