Dreams: Chapter 1


(skip to next part to begin my dream) (respective copyrights in regards to pictures-I do not own any of these. I may go back and replace them with my own art later).

It becomes apparent that when we awaken from dreams, we eventually forget them. Every now and then we have extremely vivid or amazing dreams that we remember but overtime we allow it to slip our thoughts. I am not one for dream journals, however my friends have suggest time and time again that I should start I figured that this nights dream would be the best to begin with. As if my subconscious mind had a life of it's own, it's own personality, and it's own will, I could only continue to be amazed by the stories it shares with me. Be grateful that the darkness of my subconscious mind is barred behind my conscious self, because this world would truly be hell otherwise. Without further ado, my dream. Enjoy-

There is much haze as I am introduced into my newest dream, as if to once again continue from a previous dream. I take the time to observe my surroundings in order to gain some recollection as to what has happened. As I look around, I realize I have walked out into some woods along the outline of the city- a city which changes drastically back and forth between dreams. The amount of debris around me entails that I have survived yet another tornado, which occurred in my dream before this one. The weather seemed nice, the birds were chirping, and I stood in healthy condition, which tells me that I am safe to move forward in this dream. My phone vibrates as my alarm goes of, entailing that it is time for my to attend school. I grab my briefcase and listen to music as I make my way to the train station. The day seemed normal...

As the train makes it's stops at the different stations along the city, I am met with one of my teachers. She gives my a curious smile and speaks cunningly as a fox. Never had I met a woman with so much promiscuity, not to mention so unfit as a teacher. She is amused at my scolding and invites me to her classroom during lunch. It appears that not only is she my teacher, but she is a character of interest to my subconscious self.

The school day starts with the first period bell. I am waived down by a girl

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