Open Relationships: Can They Work?

Many people say no right off the bat. But some people insist: they CAN work (for the right couple anyway).

An "open relationship" can mean a lot of different things, ranging from swingers, monogamous-ish couples who have an understanding, couples who are free to pursue whoever they want, and more.

Many couples say that the key is establishing very clear ground rules – and sticking to them.

The arguments for open relationships include things like:

+ "Monogamy is so old fashioned! Who wants to sleep with just one partner for the rest of their life?"

+ "Being free to pursue other people sexually keeps me more satisfied in my marriage. My husband is still and will always be my number one guy."

+ "Getting with other people makes me appreciate my partner even more."

+ "I got married young. I still have a lot of experimenting to do."

+ "I only see my partner some of the time, because we live so far from each other. Being in an open relationship lets us satisfy our needs while staying together."

The arguments against, of course, are numerous. Some people balk at the idea of their partner wanting to be with someone else, or sharing something so intimate with anyone but them.

What about you?

If you had the chance, would you want to give an open relationship a try?

I'm super interested to see what the Vingle community has to say, because I have friends who argue passionately for both sides of this issue. Let me know your thoughts and your reasoning. :) I'm tempted to say a big N.O., but before I give my opinion I want to hear from you guys first...

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