How To Save A Life

8-years ago, CHP Officer Kevin Briggs talked this young man out of jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. That young man’s name is Kevin Berthia. Today he is 30 years old and married with 2 children. This week he presented Officer Briggs with an award on behalf of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The story of how Officer Briggs talked Kevin down is remarkable. As you can see in the picture, Kevin is literally one step away from jumping to his death. But for more than hour, the officer listened to Kevin pour his heart out about his troubles and told him, “I know you think things are bad, but they can get better.” Kevin says, “Officer Briggs never made me feel guilty for the situation I was in. He made feel like, I understand why you are here, but there are alternatives” Kevin is just one of countless lives Briggs has saved over his 23 year career. Briggs, who was promoted to Sergeant five years ago, is humble about what he does. He says, ”they make the decision, when they step back over that rail it takes a tremendous amount of courage” I salute Sergeant Briggs! Photo by The San Francisco Chronicle, John Storey

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