Girlfriends Unite: 6 Gift Ideas on V-Day


1. Flowers

The Bouqs

2. Netflix Night

Or Hulu, HBO Go, etc... The point is to take a night to chill, decompress and allow yourself to get sappy and cry over a movie that just makes you feel good all over. The Notebook, perhaps?!

3. Spa Day

Splurge a bit and go to the NICE spa that you wish you could go to all the time, but reserve for only special occasions. This is the place for you and your girlfriends to get the ultimate pampering.

4. Indoor/Outdoor Picnic

Weather can be a bit of a problem this time of year. But that doesn't mean you can't picnic indoors! And though you can't deny that this waffle and fried chicken combination looks absolutely divine, you can do the salad thing too if you're in Los Angeles.

5. Wine Tasting

(Or cocktail tasting too) The point here is to grab your friends, take the day off (or leave early) and meet for happy hour at one of your favorite wine bars or cocktail hot spots. If you're in a coastal region such as the West Coast, there are wineries up and down the western seaboard.

6. Something Small

Whether it's the hottest trending lip stick or nail lacquer, get them something that won't break the bank, but is pretty and useful--something they won't throw away. Since this is about you and your best friend(s), I have no doubt that you can think of something for them!

Would you do something like the ideas listed here this season? Let me know in the comment section!


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