-Got invited to the carnival by Jin- Jeon: *walks up to you and holds your hand* Hey...Y/N You: *startled* Hey...Jeon *used to him holding you hand*

Nam-joon: Hey guys let's go to the haunted house!!! Everyone: Yeah....*awkward silents while walking in* - deeper into the haunted house- Jimin: yahhhh....*hugs you from shock even though your shorter than him* You: *Are about to look up when suddenly you her a noise and hug him back instead*

/HE GAVE YOU A SWIFTLY KISS AT THE FERRIS WHEEL\ -after a while ferris wheel came next- Jimin, and Jeon: I'll go with Y/N... Jeon:No I will shorty *pats Jimin head* Jimin: Hey stop that..... Taehyung:* Silently walks past them and drags you along* Jeon: Y/N choose who goes with you *Turns to face where you were before being dragged away* Jeon and Jimin:* hear a tap on the door of the ferris wheel* Taehyung!!!!! Taehyung: *kisses you in the cheek in front of them as the ferris wheel moves*

-after that Jeon took over and took you to get cotton candy- Jeon:Here. *hands you cotton candy* You: *accepts it* Thanks *takes a bite* Mmm..its good Jeon: Really? *grabs your hand and takes a bit of the cotton candy*

Jimin:*Looking for you instead find a game post and a huge teddy bear* Y/N will likes this... *smiles* -little after a few tries- Jimin: Yesss... Game man: What would you like? Jimin: may I have the bear? Game Man: Yeah *pulls down the bear and hand it to Jimin* Must be for a special person I assume. Jimin: Yes sir *walks to find you as he wave bye to the game man*

-meanwhile with Jeon- Jeon: Should we take pictures? You: *still stuffing yourself with cotton candy* mmm..yshd*nods*

-the gang found you and jimin gave you a teddy bear that he won- Jimin and Jeon:*agueing over who takes you home* Taehyung: Let's go Y/N *holds your hand* *The rest of the guys wave to you and Taehyung* -near your home- You: Well goodnight Taehyung and thanks for walking me. Taehyung: no problem Y/n *leans in* You: * flinches back causeing you and your bear to fall back before Taehyung wraps his hand around your waist and pulls you up accidentally tripping along the way and kissing you*


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