My New-Ish Fic Collection (18+?)

Now, this card itself isn't all that dirty, so you young, innocent, precious little beings that are still minors don't have to run and hide.

Call Me Daddy Fic Collection

To give you a little insight about it, it's a yaoi/boys' love collection. It's not a collection directed toward any specific artists. I got inspiration from these two YouTube videos with the same title and theme. I'm not posting them here but, if you would like the links, just let me know! I currently only have four stories written and completed under this collection. I haven't posted it anywhere yet and no one has gotten the chance to read them. They're not all that explicit but, upon reading them, someone would honestly have to be completely oblivious to not see what was going on. Now, to get to the point.

I need a little help!

I'm looking for some more ships/OTPS to do. I honestly don't even care if they're a crossover pairing. To be honest, those are kind of my favorites. I currently have a fic for: Wonshik (Ravi) & Taekwoon (Leo) (VIXX) Minho & Jonghyun (SHINee) Hakyeon (N) & Hongbin (VIXX) Hoseok (J-Hope) & Jimin (BTS) If you have any ideas, let me know. I think I'll find a place to post the fics once I have five. Depending on how many suggestions I get though, I may wait until I have ten completed. I'll most likely wait until I have ten completed before I post anything, but yeah. Can you guys give me any suggestions? And, yes, this is related to the daddy kink kind of thing but, honestly, it doesn't have to be centered around that. If you have any ideas as far as otp smut goes with whichever ship you suggest, just let me know. If you guys want, I may even make this a game where I'll give you guys previews of what I've written depending on how many suggestions and such I get. ^^

Let me know your thoughts! ♡

If you want to be tagged in any future cards related to this, please let me know. If you don't want to be tagged anymore, I would like to know as well. ♡ @RedeuBelbet@ashleyemmert@kpopandkimchi@amobigbang@MrsJungHoseok@luna1171@heidichiesa@emhoover1993 I should also try doing imagines and stories starring you guys and maybe your biases? How does that sound? ^^

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