The One They Call Crazy Chapter 10

"Passengers, we are experiencing some technical difficulties, so sit tight and it will be fixed soon!" The commission came on. I squeezed the bar that was in front of me tightly. "Stuck... up here?! All the way up here?! No, no, no..." No matter what I thought about, my mind always came around to us being stuck up here. "Hyeon. Calm down! Its okay. You're safe up here. The ride just stopped. Nothing bad is going to happen to us." He placed his hand on my sholder. His calm eyes focusing on mine. I gulped as I stared back at him. "Why didn't you tell me you were afraid of heights? I wouldn't have suggested it if you were.." He whispered. "I didn't even know I was afraid of heights myself. I've never been this high up, so I couldn't have known." I murmured. Namjoon wrapped his arm around my sholders and pulled me close to him, placing my head on his chest. I didn't flinch, fight, or pull away from him. Just knowing that he cared enough made me feel less frightened. "Are you still scared? It's okay if you are. We can talk about something to try to get your mind off of it." "No, I'm fine like I am now. I just want to stay here with you." I whispered. He slightly squeezed my arm and placed his head on mine. Tears slowly fell from my eyes. (How can someone like him like someone like me? I'm a broken person; a broken little girl...) Tears continued to fall down my face as I sniffed. "Hey, can I ask you a question?" "Hrmm...?" "...Why... why did you talk to me? I'm pretty sure you heard something bad about me by someone. Anyone really. No one likes me at school; they're just too scared of me." "No reason really. And the only people who would talk to me were girls. No idea why though.." He said. I quietly giggled and wiped my eyes. "You're a really great people person, how many friends have you made so far?" I asked. "Laugh at me all you want.. but your my only friend." I lifted my head from his chest. "You're kidding right? You have to have at least three other friends!" "Well, I don't really do well with people, so I've neve had any long term friends, I tend to make things very akward, and I break everything around me. That's probably what drove people away. Heck.. I probably broke this ride." He quietly laughed. "Oh come on, you don't break everything. That's a lie." I smiled. "Folks! It seems like this ride has broken. Please release your latch. And use the stairs to your right. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you, and have a great day!" The intercom boomed. "Think you'll be able to make it down their?" Namjoon asked. "Aish.. not without panicking.." I mumbled. He helped me ease my way out of the cart. I gulped as I tried not t I look downward. I heard a little kid squeak causing me to look down. Once my eyes were looking down, there were glued there. "So.. high up.. oh my god. We're gunna die...!" I cried. Namjoon forced my chin up. My eyes meeting his. "Look at me. Don't focus on anything else but me, okay?" He said. I slightly nodded my head and swallowed hard. I was slowly breathing while keeping my eyes on Namjoon, as his eyes were glued to mine. "We're almost to the ground. Don't stress about it too much." He smiled. "Well its not like I can think about anything else right now." I laughed. Luckily, we did reach the ground without me passing out or dying (thankfully). "I want cotton candy now, and you're paying." I pouted. He slightly chuckled while pulling out his wallet. "Fine. But it's the only thing I'm buying here, this place is expensive." I shrugged as we continued to walk.

It's very short, I know... I'm sorry! the next chapter will be super long! Well, not that long..

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