6 Fun Facts About Avicii

- Fact # 1: Otto knows and Avicii were in the same classes in school. - Fact # 2: Fact 2: After the first play of ‘’ID’’ it took almost 9 months before the official release of ‘’Levels’’ [ It all started with a unnamed track of Avicii during the BBC Radio1’s Essential Mix on Saturday 11th December 2010. Fans started calling it ‘’ID’’ which made it a great succes, especially live and on YouTube. After a while the Swede adapted the song a bit and which was finally released ‘’Levels’’ on 28th October 2011.] -Fact # 3: ‘’Avici’’ is the lowest level of the Buddhist hell [ Always wanted to know how Avicii got his name? Well it isn’t all that great story, a friend of him told him about Avici, the lowest level of the Buddhist hell and since all the names were in use on MySpace he chose to go with Avicii. ] Fact # 4: Avicii has been picked up on a music blog [ At the beginning of his career, music blogs were good portals for Avicii for spreading his music. His music was spotted on a music blog by Ash Pournouri, he became his manager and still this day. ] Fact # 5: Avicii’s first release was a remix of Commodore 64′s theme song ‘Lazy Jones’ [ This track is already from 5 years ago when Tim was already 18 years old. When you hear this song you won’t hear the typical ‘’Melodic House’’ of Avicii’s tracks but it sounds cool! The track was released on Strike Recordings. ] Facts # 6: Avicii works together with for Ralph Lauren [ I bet some of you noticed this already in his music video of ‘’Silhouettes’’. The Swede is not becoming a model for Ralph Lauren but he’s collaborating with Ralph Lauren on their new Denim & Supply line. Totally something else but it’s just a collaboration to let music and fashion come together.]

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