Truth Or Consequences (Mature)

Jungkook X ReaderOneShot Light Smut (depending on what you consider light I guess)

~*~ And dont try to cheat this time, Jimin-ah. For the last time, I didnt cheat, I was only- Will you guys give it a rest? Namjoon sighed, shushing the children. The noisy group quieted down as they clamored into the abandoned practice room. Someone hit a switch and the lights flickered and illuminated the room. You winced and shielded your eyes, and as they adjusted you beamed at the BigHit sign on the wall. Their practice room is better than ours, you thought idly. Namjoon motioned for everyone to sit in a circle on the cool, scuffed floor. You complied, happily stretching your weary legs from the long day of work and leaning over to touch your toes. Glancing up to elongate your back, you notice V and Jimin pointedly staring at your exposed chest. You bared your teeth and they quickly feigned interest in each other. To your left sat the youngest. Jungkook timidly glanced at you and abruptly turned away, pink hinting on his cheeks. You could swear you heard J-Hope giggling from across the room. As their senior, youd always been in close contact with the boys. Youd been their mentor, and watched them grow from nobody trainees to international stars. Proudly, you traced a dark scrape nearby on the floor. Theyd worked so hard, your boys. Your own group had unfortunately disbanded recently, and you missed the companionship of members working towards a common goal. Your solo career was due to take off, however, so this would be your last hurrah with Bangtan before your promotions. Youd always noticed theyd seemed a little…restless around you, but youd always chalked that up to their lack of female interaction. And of course, you couldnt deny that they were each attractive in their own light. Today, however, they atmosphere was unbearably tense. Namjoon seemingly reading your thoughts, cleared his throat, commanding attention. So, he clasped his hands together in excitement, as this is Y/Ns first time playing with us, well need to go over the rules again. Obviously it seems some of our veterans need refreshing anyway. He glanced at Jimin, who in turn gave an irritated sigh. Hoseok, he gestured, if you would please? J-Hope stylishly leapt up as if he were about to put on a show. His bright eyes danced happily even if his body didnt. The game is Truth or Consequences. His voice sparkled with excitement as he began to sauntered around the circle. Well go around the room, asking each other questions. Personal questions. He captured your gaze and smiled mischievously. Should you refuse to answer, he continued, the asker is then allowed to give you a dare that must be done. It can either be very fun for you, or very fun for someone else. He cackled wickedly in front of you and took your chin in his hand sympathetically, muttering softly so only you could hear, So choose wisely. You felt your cheeks warm at the contact and your hastily coughed and broke eye contact. He laughed heartily. She wont last long, he noted as he hopped back into his seat. The group snickered in unison and you blushed harder, infuriated. V, uncharacteristically silent the entire time, suddenly called out. Can we just start already? he whined, dramatically lying on his back. He smiled at you impishly and just as quick as hed fallen, he sat up again. Gawi, bawi, bo! he cried. Hands flew. Quick on the uptake as youd come to learn his tricks, your hand produced a fist. Unfortunately, it was within a sea of paper. Aside from one other person. He turned to look at you, nervous but determined. Gawi, bawi bo! His hand shot out to meet yours. You squealed in delight. Scissors beat paper. He sighed heavily. Ahhhh! Jungkookie is the first victim! Jin commented, sweeping his hair out of his face coolly. Ill do the honors, Namjoon volunteered. Jungkooks face darkened and he braced himself. The leader couldnt help but laugh. Because its the first round Ill let you off easily. He paused, allowing the drama to build. You heard Jungkook swallow near you. Even you were afraid for him at this point. Jungkookie, what would you say is your most sensitive spot? Your brow furrowed in confusion which quickly gave way to understanding when his hand shot immediately shot to his neck. His face also decided to betray him and burned bright red. You crossed your legs uncomfortably as your mind began to race. Awww! Jimin smoothly slid across the floor and landed right in front of the young boy. Jungkook turned away hurriedly, but Jimin lunged and pulled the boy back by his collar, pinning him down. As Jungkook fought back, the redhead dragged a slender finger from his chin down to his collarbone. Jungkook reflexively closed his eyes and sucked air sharply through his teeth. Jimins eyes glinted and he brought the finger back up his neckline, gently scraping up towards his ear. Jungkook s face scrunched up in anguish and a low moan escaped his lips. The group burst into laughter and heckles, V and J-Hope slapping the floor. Even Yoongi, shaking his head, could hardly keep it together. Ahh maknae, he crooned, You have so much more life to live. Jungkook cowered in anger, covering his face and pushing Jimin away. What the hell, hyung? he whispered. Jimin clutched his stomach and squealed in return. Jin, however, was focused on you. Noona, he inquired worriedly, are you alright? The room turned to focus on you. Even Jungkook, still red, looked up. Your face was as glowing as his, and your legs twisted up in obvious tension. Most notably, was your distressed face. Nooooonaaaaaaaa. Why are you biting your lip? V said with a wink. You concentrated on the floor, again admiring the precious scuff marks. The others laughed again. You heard Yoongi mutter, Having a little too much fun, arent we? Namjoon took pity on you. Y/N, now that youve seen how this works, lets move on shall we? Jungkook, choose your victim. Jungkook sat up on his knees, fire burning in his eyes. Jimin hyung. He spoke without hesitation, and the room again quieted down. He narrowed his eyes and smiled brightly. Jimin cocked his head with anticipation. Jungkook flashed his signature smile. Whos name were you calling in your sleep last night, hyung? Jimins face fell almost immediately. J-Hope snorted and Namjoon choked on air. Jimin replaced his smile with a blank face. He cleared his throat, and without meeting your eyes he stated evenly, Not answering that. Ill take a consequence. The others gasped. It seemed that no one had ever caved in that swiftly before. You were even more curious now, as was the rest of the room. Jungkooks smile widened and he didnt miss a beat. Alright, hyung. I dare you to answer my question. This time Jin snorted and V and Yoongi simultaneously whispered Oh shit, under their breaths. Jimins nose flared and he clenched his fists. You cant do that, its cheating. He growled, leaning forward with intent. Yoongi rolled his eyes. Just answer the damn question so we can move on, he sighed. Losing his composure, Jimin stood up and walked over to stare at himself in the floor length mirror. He wasnt blushing, but his demeanor radiated humiliation. Defeated, he hung his head. With a heavy sigh, he relented. Y/N noona. It was Y/N. The room erupted into whoops and awws. You giggled. He finally blushed, glancing at you shyly. But why? Jin voiced flatly, What was she doing in your dream? Jimins cheeks brightened but his smirk returned. Wouldnt you like to know. J-Hope rolled his eyes, and waved his hand disgustedly. Go ahead Jimin. Pick your poison. Jimins eyes lingered on him, presumably wondering if he really wanted to piss Jung Hoseok off. He shrugged and turned to you. You flinched. His eyes sparkled and that damn smirk made itself comfortable. Not good. Noona…..? You licked your lips and nodded. Yes, Jimin-ah? you said, with what you hoped was confidence. He tilted his head innocently. Which one of us do you like the most? ~*~

~*~ The simple question started an avalanche. You clasped your hands in a panic and went back to chewing on your lip. A faint smile appeared on Hoseoks face as he began smoothing his sideburns carefully. Jimin ran a hand through his hair , thoroughly satisfied. Jin and V looked at each other, then you, then back only to giggle softly. Jungkook was again his favorite color as he dipped down into his shirt. Namjoon was unchanged, staring at you expectantly. Yoongi sighed and turned onto his side away from you. He pulled at his ear, clearly bothered. Jimin waved to snap you out of your stupor. Well, who is it? he insisted. You rubbed your hands together and your eyes lingered briefly on a single member. Closing them, you shook your head. The room was lit with anticipation. Taking a deep breath, you calmly reply, I refuse. The sparkle in Jimins eyes shone brighter than ever. Youd fallen into his trap. Goddammit. Oh really? You Refuse? he reiterated. The room buzzed with silent excitement. No one dared to move. You bit down on your lip harder, expecting the worst. You and Jimin locked eyes. Whatever was going on behind that devilish mind was going to destroy you. I dare you, he said lowly, almost purring with delight, to give our Kookie here his first hickey. A moment passed. Then realization set in. bellows of protests erupted. J-Hope, V, and Jin even, to your surprise, began angrily listing reasons why this was unacceptable. Namjoons face twisted up as if he were ready to disagree also, but after recalling the rules, decided against it. A brilliant blush was creeping its way up Jungkooks neck. He sat unnaturally still as he rehashed Jimins statement in his mind until it clicked. His head whipped in Jimins direction and he again clasped his hands over his neck. His head rocketed downward and he began babbling. Noona…a-and…on my neck?! But I-i….well…..HYUNG! Why me?! he whined. Jimin sneered. Simply because the look she was giving you earlier is the same one shes giving you now. You snapped out of your temporary paralysis and realized your body had betrayed you. Sweat was forming on your forehead and your nails were gripping your thighs painfully. Your breathing was labored and nearly audible in the hushed room. You were, of course, biting your lip again. You took a breath and relaxed, replacing your face of hunger with a small smile. You stood up and offered a hand to Kookie, summoning him. When Jimin opened his mouth in objection, you snapped, You never said I had to do it here, in front of you all. You grabbed Kookies hand and yanked him upwards. Namjoon snickered as you strode to the hallway door. Feeling your confidence draining as the heat from his hand enveloped yours, you threw the door open and marched out without another word. ~*~ Noona, we really dont have to- Jungkook please- But Ive never-! You pressed a finger to his lips firmly to silence him. He froze instantly but didnt relax like youd hoped. Instead he tensed up even more and pressed himself backwards against the wall. Your arms tingled as you suddenly became aware of how close you were. Hed shyly suggested an empty practice room but youd hurriedly ignored him. Rounding the corner youd spotted an unlocked storage closet and shoved him into it. Youd pressed your ear against the door and checked if anyone (ahem, Jimin) had followed you. You heard naught, and turned back to him. His doe-like eyes were wide and alarmed. Jungkookie, you sighed, Im not going to bite you. Unless youd like me too. You winked at him and he bit his lip in shock. For a second you couldnt breathe. The hunger was back and it was clawing at the pit of your stomach. How could such a small little gesture unravel so quickly? He avoided your gaze as he inhaled. Ive never kissed anyone… he admitted softly. You paused and your head tilted to the side teasingly. Jungkook-ah, when did I say anything about kissing you? He became flustered and started to stammer again, kneading his fingers into his oversized shirt. I didnt….I mean y-you…I thought wed just start….with…. he finished. You couldnt help but smile. Contrary to his image he was still obviously an inexperienced young man. A very…attractive young man. You felt your arms wrap around his neck and your body lean into his. Your face was inches away from his, your eyes commanding his attention. He didnt dare breathe. Noona! What are y-you…? Well go slow, dont worry, you assured him. You pressed your lips against his. It was predictably awkward at first. He timidly pushed back, testing the waters. You lifted yourself onto your toes to match his height and felt his hands grab your waist to steady you. You werent sure when it started, but you realized the feeling was back in the pit of your stomach. It was yearning to be released, calling for him. You ran your tongue lightly across his bottom lip and he groaned. His lips parted obediently for your tongue to explore and you could feel the warmth of his body enveloping you. His fingers crept under your shirt, testing their limits. You gently moaned and deepened the kiss. This seemed to set him off. He pushed you back to the other side of the enclosure, pinning you against the wall. You gasped at his boldness and he stepped back suddenly. His dark hair was spattered onto his face, but it couldnt mask the look he was giving you. Pure lust. Pink and panting, he seemed to remember where he was and whom he was with. He stepped back again nervously fixed his haphazard hair. He mumbled a quick sorry and stared down at his boots. You frowned. For what? you replied breathlessly. I didnt mean to do that, her murmured, mortified. I just…I just couldnt help myself. You took Jungkooks hand and placed it back on your waist, eliciting a sharp inhale of surprise from him. We arent done yet, you said simply, and placed a kiss on the side of his jaw. Jungkooks eyes closed, and he signed heavily. You continued downwards, tenderly kissing his jaw line. He trembled when you reached the crook of his neck. You stopped for good measure, making sure he was alright with continuing. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close to him. You struggled to breathe when his hardness rested against your thigh. Youd take that as a yes. Jungkook led you over to a small chair in the corner. He sat down, legs open, staring at you with dark, hungry eyes. He suddenly frowned, looking away. Noona….would you please quit it? he growled. That damn lip… he trailed off as you straddled him. You frowned also. You took his face in his hands, and turned him to face you. But why? Are you not enjoying this? He smirked, a hint of sadness on his lips. Yes, but I want more. You felt his hands wrap around you again and pull you closer, chest to chest. You held your breath as his lips barely grazed your neck. Keeping one hand on your waist, Jungkook reached up with the other and pulled your head down to meet his. Please, he begged breathlessly, Dont stop. You nodded softly and continued down near his collarbone. He hissed as you pulled his shirt to the side and began to dot kisses along his skin. He tenses again and you wait sometime before you begin to gently suck. A guttural moan escaped his lips and his hips thrust into yours. Regretting wearing dancing leggings, you whimper when his bulge hits your sensitive spot. He slips his hand up the back of your shirt and holds you steady as you begin to rock against him. He groans in agony, breath ragged. You bite down firmly on his neck, and he thrusts again in response. Suppressing the urge to moan, you licked the love bite affectionately, admiring your work. Your hips slowed, then stopped all together. Annoyed, Jungkook dug his fingers into your back and pulled you nearer to him. Nooooonaaaaaa, he whined, clicking his tongue softly. It send a lightning bolt through your spine. You cant possibly be that mean. Youd really leave me like this? His eyes caught yours and dragged them down to his tight jeans. Unhappily breaking his embrace, you giggled softly, raising yourself from his lap. Walking towards the door and straightening yourself to look fairly presentable, you looked back at him one last time. Sorry Kookie, you said as you held open the door, that wasnt part of the deal. ~*~


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