Two Single People Get Married To For One Week

It takes two.

Marriage that is. The union between two people joined together in holy matrimony to have and to hold forever. Yep, that seven letter word that means an eternity. Forever? Forever, ever. A lot of people are known for jumping into a marriage because the love is there. What we fail to realize as adults is that even though the love is there, a marriage needs a few more ingredients in order to become complete. Love is of course the main ingredient, but you also need a bit of patience, trust, honesty and communication -- I might even be missing a few things. The list is pretty lengthy and although it takes much patience, at the end of the day it's worth it.

Being single has it's perks, but there's nothing like having that extra person by your side and behind you to have your back every step of the way. Being married for a week sounds like a challenge for a single person, but there's nothing quite like being married to the same person until death eliminates you from the equation. Keep scrolling to see a hilarious video on how to single individuals dealt with being 'married' to one another for one full week.

Do you think you could handle a marriage right now if you had to?

What is one character trait you look for in a partner? Leave a comment below.


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