How to give a "B.L.T" an upgrade! And you a full tummy!

So in my line of work as a Professional and Certified Sous chef, there are so many takes on the classic BLT, acronym for Bacon, Lettuce & tomato. Some try and succeed with awesome renditions, and want to reinvent the wheel ( not possible). Welp I'm adding my version, a sure knock out, a knock out before you knock out after Great sex, and will satisfy your bacon buds! lol. Ingredients: *Portion for a single sandwich, but please pile on the way you like it, its just a recipe. Preparation varies to the growl of your stomach!!!* 6 sl. of Maple brown sugar bacon 2 leaf of Romaine lettuce 2 sl. Steak red tomato, thick cut 1/2, sliced Hass Avocado 2 sl Munster cheese Sliced Sweet white onion Ground Dijon mustard Mayonnaise, or EVOOnaise. Yes they make it.. 3 sl. of Rye bread, I perfer Marbled or Pumpernickle. The image I took above it Multi grain wheat... Salt and Pepper. _______Assembly time_______ Toast bread as you like. once that's complete, spread mayo on one slice, and grd Dijon on thee other. On the side with mayo, sprinkle some Pepper. now assemble on top of mayo slice in this order. * Hopefully you'll have bacon cooked, sliced all ingredients and ready for assembly*, if not, do so. lol. Romaine Avocado Bacon Munster cheese Third single slice of Rye Tomato, sprinkle some salt Sw. wht onion More bacon ( 3 on top, 3 on bottom). Romaine , DONE. I know it looks intimidating to touch, don't be scared to press litely to stay in place, until served! Now once is all settled to eat, smash that bad boy down, and take a BIG ASS BITE. mmm mmm mmm, excuse me, what was that you said. Never mind, enjoy the recipe, BON APPETITE.

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