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Yes there is more, so please donate to get you banners and more ^^ ALL ORDERS MADE AFTER FEBRUARY 3, 2016 ARE NOW UNDER THIS UPDATE. PLEASE READ. ORDERS MADE BEFORE THIS DATE DOES NOT APPLY. ONLY TO NEW DONORS. Remember to email or comment your bias banners. EXO'luXion Universe and Donors are eligible. 1st: Donors 2nd: Universe 3rd: Everyone Else Note : Valentines are for LA only. Distribution Process: https://goo.gl/yWHmFx Master Guide for Everything You Need to Know: (REMEMBER TO READ TO AVOID REFUNDS) https://goo.gl/1rMuTr NEW AND IMPROVED ORDER FORM https://goo.gl/SGKIYo Pickup Information We will send information regarding where the pickup locations be a few days before your concerts. Lightsticks: MMT Light sticks are no longer an option. Please refer to the Form. Remember: 1 Banner per Package This Post will Update Frequently. NEW UPDATE FINAL UPDATE Regarding to the following: DALLAS EXO-L AttenCHEN Today is the final day for Dallas donations. Although we would like to extend, we have alot to create and order to ensure delivery by the 8th :( . If you still want to donate that's fine, but high chances they will be shipped after the tour. Proceed with caution. Here's some info: I. We understand you want Bias packages, if you want that, we will see what we can do. Also even if we will stop the donations to get the stuff for shipment, you van still help us and donate whatever for the increase of banners. We will give you extra banners as appreciation^^ Tickets will be made today. Please be patient as we still have you on file. We will also announce some upcoming activities. keep watching for them. More merchandise mystery gift examples will come today Also if you notice the quantity change, there was some typo errors which could've brought issues in funding to those who paid more. That only applies to New donors, and the Promise and OVERDOSE packages will remain the same for existent donors. Have a good day :) -Staff

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