I Want The Headline...PT34

Genre: Angst (Mature Content Warning) MAFIA!YOONGI+BTS

Members: Yoongi/ Suga; Reader (You); Jimin; Jungkook; Jin; JHope; Rap Monster; Taehyung

Part: 34/? Character Profiles | Video

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Summary:He had a goal and you were just one more person to crush to get to it.

Something about the way he had said that and the way he was looking at you had you drawing back from him. You hadn’t made his life any better, you thought, if anything you had made it worse. He had put himself in danger so many times to protect you. Jungkook claimed that he didn’t care how much you took from him, but he couldn’t have possibly meant it. You could see from the way he’d stare at you when he thought you weren’t paying attention.

He was getting tired of it.

He sighed, frowning softly at you, “Why do you do that?” There was that look again. The one that had Jungkook questioning whether or not you truly wanted to be with him. The same look you usually gave before you ran off to protect someone else. It had happened with Jimin countless times and it had happened there on the cliff as you stood with Yoongi.

And then you were kissing him while Yoongi slunk off.

Acting as if Jungkook hadn’t seen right through that shitty plan.

But he played along; he was actually happy to have you with him again. Jungkook truly was relieved, but after that had settled in the anger reared up. And he found his teeth scraping against the skin of your neck more than his lips were caressing it. By the way you had flinched from him, softly whining his name, begging him to be gentler; he knew that you knew as well.

Jungkook was not happy.

You guiltily looked up at him, surprised by the hard stare he gave you. He had just said you made his life better and all you had done was mentally question it; why was he looking at you as if he knew exactly what you were thinking? “Do what?”

“I say something and then you just space out.” He observed, rubbing at something under your eye, “You’re thinking of how to refute what I’m saying but you can’t, Y/N. It’s the plain truth and you know it.” He warned you delicately, “Jimin may make up stories to get to you, but I only say what I’ve personally observed.” Jungkook’s hand slid down to rest on your hip, “I won’t lie to you; not like Jimin or Yoongi…or Jin.” Your eyes shifted from him.

Right after telling you he only speaks of what he personally sees he mentioned those three men specifically. Out of all the ones you’ve encountered so far he only mentions them. Why? “You know I love you. I don’t lie to you. I won’t lie to you. I don’t keep anything from you. So why do you do all those things to me?” He questioned slowly. Jungkook was so quiet sometimes that you forgot how perceptive he was. His fingers curled into your hip, “I saw you kiss Yoongi; by the cliff.”

And you forgot how much he had actually seen.

Jungkook adjusted the knit cap on his head, absently cracking the knuckles of his thumb, “You kissed him.” He stated plainly, “He kept shaking his head at you, but you forced it.” Dark eyes traced over the conflicted expression you wore. “Why?”

Indeed you had forgotten how perceptive Jungkook was.

“I was scar-”

“You’re scared right now,” He challenged, “Why don’t you kiss me?” Fingers curling around your jaw, he pulled your mouth up to his. Flinching, you turned from him, eyes shutting tightly when he forced you back to face him, “Don’t you trust me? You trusted every other person, right?” He hissed. You could feel his lips brushing over yours, fingers pulling at the thin skin of your jaw, “Just trust me, baby.”

You screamed, shoving against his chest to put space between you two. Jungkook easily grabbed your wrist, pulling you back to him, “You like when Jimin says it, don’t you?” He growled, “’Baby’? Does he make you feel warm and safe?” He smiled at the panicked look in your eyes, “Oh I’ve seen you with him, Y/N.. I know.”

“Jeon, you’re scaring me-”

“Good.” He agreed, “Doesn’t Jimin scare you too? And you run to him time after time? What about Min fucking Yoongi? Did he scare you? Is that why you were practically dropping your pants in front of him as soon as he put his hands on you? You never argue with them, do you? But you love to fight with me.. What about me?” He questioned teasingly, “Not scared of Jeon, are you? No..” He hummed, forcing his knee back between your thighs.

He propped himself back on top of you, gently smoothing down your hair. “You’re not. You only tell me that you’re scared of other things. You’re not actually scared of me enough to keep you around like Jimin or Yoongi can. And as much as I love you, that pisses me off.” Jungkook lightly kissed under your jaw, “I risk my life for you. I told you about my father and you’re all for me, right? It’s easy to pity little fatherless Jeon? Then when I tell you that you’re the best thing that’s happened to me, it’s like something changes in you and it’s time for you to push me away. Jeon’s gotten too soft and you don’t like it?” He angled his head, staring down at you accusingly,

“I’ve seen you, Y/N. And I don’t know what the fuck happened in that room other than Yoongi did something that scared you.” His mouth drifted down to the discolored skin of your neck, “And you loved it.” His teeth scraped at the skin, a sigh passing through his lips at the feel of your fingernails digging into his shoulder trying to keep him at bay. “So I’m going to scare you.” He declared, “And you’re never going to leave me.” He buried his face beside yours into the soft pillow, bangs splayed along his forehead as he brushed his lips over your ear, “You picked me.” He reminded you, “And I don’t like to share..”

Silently you nodded, tightly gripping his shoulders. When was he going to stop? Jungkook had always scared you, but now you were terrified. His firm thigh rubbed against your bandages, pressing into the sore muscle. “I’ve always been scared of you, Jungkook. But I love you, and that’s why I always come back.” Fear wasn’t something that was supposed to come hand in hand with love. You..as odd as it sounded, you argued with him because you loved him.

You felt comfortable enough with him to freely voice your opinions without backlash. But now it was getting clearer.

Jungkook didn’t want love.

He wanted submission.

“You come back,” He mumbled, “But even when you’re with me you’re looking over at them, thinking of them, wanting them.” He pulled back slightly to look at you, but his attention immediately diverted to the bite under your ear opposite of where he had been.

He had had his suspicions about what happened in the room right after you had denied him for the third time. It had been a full day -almost two- since you were safe with him and you had gladly let him press into you and kiss you, but as soon as he wanted to go even further then that, you were pushing against him; telling him no. Your leg, you claimed, it was always your leg. Or you were tired or it wasn’t the right time. There was always something. His nose rubbed at the dark mark under your ear, lips curling up in an irate smirk, “Was that Yoongi’s favorite spot?” He whispered, thumb pressing down tightly on the love bite, “Are there more?”

You had been silently praying for Jungkook to pull away from you, but now that he had, you were afraid. Getting up, he sat back on your thighs; his body weight crushing you. The blankets bunched behind him and the icy winter air struck you. A minute hadn’t even passed and you felt a headache pounding by your temples. Cold hands flattening out on your stomach, as he stared down at you. “Where are the others?” He questioned, “Or do you want me to look for them?” There was a bite to his tone that had you lifting your hand up immediately.

You had never witnessed him so eerily calm, but so threatening. He carefully watched your fingers brush over your mouth, neck, then drift down to your collar bones. “And the others?” Jungkook narrowed his eyes, “I saw you two by the cliff. The way he put his hands on you and you fucking melted into him. He did more then fucking make out with you in there.”

You shivered, crossing your arms over your chest, “Jeon.” You pleaded. Even if you told him, he wasn’t going to understand. He wasn’t listening to you, just making assumptions from what he was looking at now. “Please don’t..I already told you you’d be mad…You promised you wouldn’t-”

“You fucked him.” He finalized, “You ‘love’ me and will ‘always choose me’, but at the end of the day you only spread your legs for Min Yoongi.” He laughed, fingers tightening on your sides, “You’re a fucking hypocrite.”

You began to cry, frustrated with yourself. He wasn’t giving you any chance to explain. He was just belting out accusations. He wasn’t listening. You were just trying to stay alive so you could see him again, but he didn’t care to hear that part. Half the damn time, you imagined that Yoongi was Jungkook, but did he care? No.

You didn’t do anything because you actually wanted to. “How many times?” He asked lowly. “What about your damn leg? Didn’t hurt then, did it?” He shifted off your bad leg, finger curling under it as he pulled it up to rest against his hip, “You know…you only ever listen to me when I hurt you.” He spoke slowly, “When I’m nice and considerate and pleading, you don’t give two shits about what I think.” He stretched his jaw, raising a brow at you, “Jimin hurts you all the time and you’re always listening to him. Yoongi must’ve hurt you too for you to open your legs to him even with your ‘injury’.” His hand rested heavily on your hip,

“Will it work for me too?”

Areum solemnly crept into the living room, her head bowed low. Hunched over a map, Hoseok glanced at her briefly, gaze lingering on her hands held tightly to her chest. She met his stare, sorrowful expression morphing into the beginning of tears. She was crying. He didn’t comment, going back to his map. There were more important things to worry about right now. Namjoon was creeping into their territory and Hoseok was losing buyers by the minute. It had only been a month and he and Jin had spent over half the reserve on obtaining drug shipments to sell all while loosing more then 3/4th of their turfs to rival gangs. He needed to sell to get money for weapons and resources to contact all the men who had scattered.

But it was hard selling drugs when you were supposed to be dead.

While Jaehwa had given it his best shot, he was too risky in his tactics. The fucking idiot was selling tampered drugs to Namjoon’s men. Hoseok didn’t understand how the man failed to see the danger in it, but Jaehwa was the only one bringing in income into the organization and he was single handedly making a pretty penny. So Hoseok was going to keep his mouth shut about it. Jin was bringing something in as well. A couple hundred every few days that he refused to share how he was obtaining, but it was money and he was getting more results than Hoseok. So Hoseok kept his mouth shut about that too.

“Jaehwa.” he called out, annoyed by Areum’s distracting sniffles.

He was slouched over the loveseat, cigarette dangling between his lips. “Hm?”

“Do something with Areum.” He huffed. “I’m busy.” The other man pouted, crossing his arms over his chest. Wordlessly, he stood, nodding in the direction of the kitchen. Areum glared back at him. She had wanted Hoseok’s attention or even Jin. Jin, however, hadn’t even looked at her when she came in. He was blankly staring out the window, fingers splayed over his lips in deep thought. Hoseok had at least looked at her, but as soon as she started the tears (which usually hooked him), he had closed off. Yoongi had shut her out, Jin had and now even Hoseok.

Now she was stuck with Jaehwa, who she knew for a fact had no special regards to her. He treated her like everyone else. And while she supposed that was normal, she didn’t like it. Either she needed to be special in a good way or a bad way. She didn’t want normal. Normal was how unimportant people were.

And Areum believed she was very, very important.

“Hello?” Jae called out, waving his hand. He was already in the kitchen doorway, a bottle of water in hand. “You got legs, right? Yoongi didn’t stomp on them or anything?” He grinned at her sharp look, teasingly adding, “Because we all heard you two. He didn’t get very far with you. And you pushing yourself on him didn’t work out too well, did it?”

Areum rose from her seat, hands balled up into fists at her side. “Shut up, you piece of shit!”

“Do you ever stop talking?” The three of them looked to Jin, who had finally averted his gaze from the window. He pointed to Jaehwa, eyes trained on Areum, “Go already.” Defiantly, she stood there. She had never been able to capture Jin’s attention for some reason and she always wondered why. He suddenly started to stand, favoring his good foot. A chuckled passed through his lips at Areum scrambling to the kitchen as soon as he started to move.

Did she think he was going to go after her or something? Show her who was in control like Yoongi? Or push her away like Hoseok? Or even laugh at her like Jaehwa?

Jin wasn’t into wasting his time like that.

Besides, he needed to have an important conversation with the man who had locked himself in his sister’s room.



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