Screenshot Game #2: School With BTS

Okay so I was going through all the cards that I liked and clipped and I finally found the screenshot games that I clipped for later. I already did the Life With BTS if anyone wants to see. Thank you @thePinkPrincess for this game!

Okay this is cool. Maybe we'll sit in the back of class and take naps....

Awww J-Hobi helps me. I better get good grades hahaha, I have a feeling that we get distracted very easily.

Wait......why does he help me with homework than! It's okay I won't cry, I'm glad he likes me enough to bully me I guess. J-Hobi T.T

Okay, I'm beginning to think he's more like a stalker now........

Awwww that's so sweet, maybe he'll help me with Hobi Oppa

Gahhh that slight smirk! Is he gonna be jealous of Jungkook or J-Hope because I really need him to protect me from J-Hope.


So I didn't get my bias V, but I did get Jungkook and Suga so I'm happy.

Anyways I wanna start tagging groups so if you like my stuff when I do post let me know so I can tag you.


I've been to both an Infinite and VIXX concerts. I also have Kpop playing and relate it to any conversation I have. Too many groups to name, but I love them all.
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