How BTS gave me a bestfriend.


So I've alway been the awkward loner type, I mean don't get me wrong, I have a lot of friends. I know almost everyone in my grade and the freshmen at my local college. But when I party with them or we talk I feel just kinda.. eh~. Like 'Yeah this is fun but I'd rather be asleep.' Kpop is kind of like, my happy place. A space for me to express everything that my friends can't understand. So here I am at a party, tipsy and dancing around to a few English songs I /kinda/ know. The girl who's party I'm at [B] introduces me to this other girl, [L], who was super cute btw. We got along and she was really funny, but again the loner in me was just begging to go home. So the next day we're all hungover and in a group chat together talking about random things. I make it a point to reply to everyone, so no one feels ignored. [Like at a table when you're telling a story and no one's listening so you stop, I make an effort to say 'Keep going I'm listening] So when L was telling us about how she downloaded an album and was super excited for the MV, no one responded. so I messaged her about it so she wouldn't feel discouraged. She kind of brushed it off as non-important. But later she sent me a snap chat of the MV. It was BTS' Dope.


Since that day we've been super close, and we had jobs together, and on holidays we exchange kpop themed gifts. For Christmas I got her PT 1 of BTS' album and she got me PT2 for my birthday. Without our mutual KPOP love, I don't think we'd ever be this close. So thank you to BTS for bringing me a new best friend.

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