Illumination | Part 3

Hoseok x Y/N


Mature Language Themes


Once you had admitted you were certainly not what he'd thought, he wouldn't let up. Would bringing him into your world extinguish the light you were beginning to cherish? Or would he force you to fall back into your empty hell?


Taehyung sucked his teeth as he placed his phone in his back pocket, opening the door to his sleek silver truck. He sneered at the reflection in his window, mirroring the billowing pillars of smoke and hectic scene behind him. Settling into the driver's seat, he sighed in content. It'd had been a while since he'd used explosives, and even longer since his plans had gone so smoothly. Almost too smoothly.

This would be way too easy, he chuckled. Min Yoongi would be livid with him as he watched the breaking news bulletin. But Tae had rigged the bombs so that they wouldn't collapse the entire building. He had made sure they were planted away from gas lines so no fires, hopefully. He fiddled with his brown hair in the rearview mirror, his fringe beginning to irrationally piss him off. She'd be fine. Right?

He looked outside and cackled as he watched the smoke rise higher and higher, and licked his lips. This kind of fun was almost payment enough.

He froze, suddenly furious. Emerging from the rubble was a stumbling figure, carrying a limp body. Taehyung leaned over and fumbled with his glove compartment, a string of curses snaking from his mouth. He found his binoculars and immediately zoomed them in on the stumbling shadow, covered in debris. He was able to catch a glimpse of your face, your dirty blond bangs were a dead giveaway. Bandages clung desperately to your forehead, threatening to fall off.

Each step the figure took he could see his earnings slipping away. As if it wasn’t enough, he heard faint sound of sirens. Taehyung slammed his fists on the dashboard. This obviously wasn’t going to be as easy as he’d thought. He threw his cellphone and weapon into his center console and fumbled in his pockets for his keys, jammed them into the ignition. The car roared to life and he sped off in the couple’s direction, skillfully avoiding chunks of debris dotting the parking lot.

He slid in front of the duo and screeched to a halt. Putting on a well rehearsed face of terror, he threw open his door.

“Is she okay man?!” he yelled, genuinely concerned. Hoseok, startled by the reckless driving, was silent for a second before recovering.

“Yeah,” he said breathlessly, “I think so. I mean she’s still breathing.” He watched your chest rise and fall softly, your mouth slightly agape. “But her head…”

Taehyung clicked his tongue and gestured towards the soot covered bandages. “Did you do that?” he asked, genuinely curious.

“No,” Hoseok replied, shaking his head. “She’d already had the injury from a fall last night, and she was getting treated.”

He watched Taehyung hop out of the car and walk towards them quickly. “Are you her brother or something?” he said, eyeing Hoseok suspiciously. Hoseok made a face and shook his head fervently.

“I had found her last night. I’m the one that carried to the hospital. We couldn’t track down any family members, so I was just kind of watching over her until she got better. And then this happened….” He trailed off solemnly. Taehyung groaned inwardly. That’s all he needed right now. Some dumb hero to tag along.

He cleared his throat and pointed urgently to his car. "She looks like she's in bad shape man. Get her to my truck and we'll take her to the nearest emergency checkpoint. You can hang out there until she's better, and then be off on your way."

In preparation for the impending rescue, Seoul's police force had set up emergency tents on the outskirts of the city, away from any major building that could also be targeted. They had food, clothing, shelter, and more importantly, medical supplies. Taehyung could get you fixed up and ditch the guy, and bring you back to Yoongi.

Hoseok nodded in g slowly and Taehyung opened the back door. This wasn't his ideal situation, and he'd be crazy to ignore that Taehyung looked like anything but an escaped prisoner. But he'd had a car and knew where the drop off points were. He'd have to stick with this plan. At least until he could get you to safety.

They lifted your limp form into the back seat with precision, Taehyung fishing a blanket from his trunk and draping it over you. Hoseok sat behind the driver's side next to you and paled when he studied your face. Your breathing was even more faint than previously, and your chest was too still. He placed a hand gently on your thigh. You whimpered and your eyes fluttered open. They met his and he brought a finger to his lips as Taehyung hopped into the driver seat, starting the car up again and setting down the road.

It took everything to restrain yourself from screaming. A hit was just put out on your life and here he was, trusting the first person he'd seen?? If you weren't so tired you'd put your foot through his jaw. Sensing your tension, he patted your thigh tenderly and then removed his hand. They drove for quite some time before the driver broke the silence.

"What are your names, by the way?" Taehyung inquired over the crunch of gravel. He glanced into the rearview mirror at them, adeptly avoiding the obstacles in the road.

Hoseok hesitated. "Jung Hoseok." He nodded his head in your direction, "And this is-"

"Y/N, right?" Taehyung finished nonchalantly. He was grinning excitedly, teeth bared.

Hoseok went rigid and you cursed inwardly. Fucking variables.

"I've been looking for you, my pretty. Mr. Min has missed you so very much. And I know you're awake love," he added threateningly.

Your hand crawled down to your pants pocket, feeling around for your weapon. Hoseok caught your eye again and mouthed a stern objection. Taehyung continued his nighttime stroll through a frantic city and Hoseok saw a white tent in the distance.

Taehyung sighed. "Well, it seems our little trip has been cut short. I'll be taking Miss Y/N It was nice knowing you through, Mr. Hoseok. It's a shame I'll have to splatter your brains across the floor."

"That won't be happening."

Taehyung slammed on the brakes and kept his head straight ahead. His eyes gravitated to the gleaming silver barrel practically caressing his head. He swore under his breath and glanced longingly at his center console. This was easily turning into the worst job he had ever taken.

"Now, what you're going to do, is take the next left. We're going to go away from the emergency tent, and towards my compound. And you're not going to make any sudden movements."

Taehyung sneered, but pressed his foot onto the pedal, taking a hard left. "Boy, I don't think you know who the fuck you're talking to." he growled. Fucking heroes.

Hoseok cocked your weapon knowingly and prodded the driver sharply. He smiled at you apologetically before turning back slyly to the rearview mirror.

"I could say the same for you."


Yoongi jolted upright, awoke in a sweat to someone yelling. Realizing he'd had another nightmare, he clutched his aching bare chest, and looked over at the clock.

11:32pm. Dammit.

He threw his legs off the side of his bed stretched his arms out, his back muscles rippling. He reached for his phone on the nightstand. His heart rate jumped again as he scanned his notifications.

3 missed calls. 1 voicemail. 1 message.

Unknown (8:42pm): You’re not answering so I’m taking that as a go ahead.

Unknown (8:44pm): I hope you trust me :))

Yoongi’s stomach dropped. What the fuck could that possibly mean? He didn’t like riddles and he certainly didn’t like them from the clinically insane. He scrolled further.

Unknown (10:26pm): You should turn on the TV and enjoy this scene with me. Your little princess should be home shortly.


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