Female Crush Friday: Song Ji Hyo

Song Ji Hyo is one of my favorite actresses. The first Ji Hyo drama I've watched is Princess Hours and the first movie is Wishing Stairs. I started liking her ever since I started to watch Running Man. *I ship Monday Couple and Spartace Couple.

I think she's a true beauty. I'm jealous!

*Pictures are credited to owners. @angiey0222@kpopandkimchi@biancadanica98@VeronicaArtino@NickySerban@elizabeth1234@jannatd93@merryjayne13@krin@Kamiamon@ILikeHisFace123@noWaifuNoLaifu@MissyKim@sosoaloraine23@SharayahTodd@Blubear@Sunnydaebak@Meeshell@chongx@imahhbanker@JamiMilsap@britneyamanda@carenabobo

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