In this scenario…?

So I found this picture on google or something…

And I thought about what I would do. Now, I am a very shy person irl, but very open on the internet since I don't say who I really am. Anyways, this would not be a good situation, even though it's BTS.

So, you're walking down the hall of school or down the street. There are 7 attractive guys talking like normal. Suddenly they spot you and find you attractive. (I dunno but I would find that hard to believe.) They stare at you while you walk past. What do you do?

Well, I would see them looking at me and walk back around the corner and maybe try to find another way around. If there isn't then I would quickly walk past them. Or I would look at each one of them while I walk past (and hopefully not into a pole). I might say a quiet hello or give a small smile and continue on.

But then what if they said something to you if you hadn't already said something? Like "hello beautiful" , or "what's your name beautiful?"

I'd probably talk to them a bit, but then the conversation would die out because of my social skills. Maybe I would "accidentally" have a compliment slip out. But then my anxiety would act up (or whatever it's called when anxiety decides to kick me in the stomach) and I would get nervous. Attractive guys, amiright? If they got the conversation together enough they might or might not get my number or a date.

So that's what I would do in that situation. What would you do in that situation? Doesn't have to be BTS, could be a group of attractive guys.

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