Baozi love Part 4

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Next Morning, You wake up to see your TV on, Weekly Idol was on!!! You sit up as you watch SHINee on TV... Once you see Key appear on the screen you yell out,

"KEY OPPA!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!" You realize that he can't hear you considering the fact that he is all the way in South Korea. As you sit there enjoying it, You hear a vibration coming from your right. You see that someone was calling you. You couldn't really tell who it was because it said it was an unknown number. You denied the call, But the unknown kept calling and calling you. But you finally answer it and you hear a voice scream,

"Yah! Hello from the other side!!! Girl, Why do you keep ignoring my calls?!?!" From the cute and sexy tone in it's voice, You figured out that it was Xiumin.

"Ohh, I'm so sorry!!! I thought you were a creep or something.." You immediately apologize.

"Sooo, If I were a creep, Then you would have answered there call? Change the name to something. I don't want you to be talking to other guys, especially creeps". He tells you. You blush as you mouth out your scream, "Awww, Okay. What would you do if I did talk to another guy?" You ask him.

"Uhhh.... I wouldn't care if it were like a good friend of yours because I trust you but I'd be mad if you were talking to a creep. I would be mad at the guy, not you...Because...I never could be mad at you, Gorgeous, I can't ever be mad at your cute self."

You giggle as you get up and walk around the house as you keep giggling to yourself.

Xiumin must've heard you because he asks, "What are you laughing about? Talking to creeps is not funny, Especially if you're a woman, a pure one like you."

"Oh, I'm laughing about your little compliment because...."

He interupts you by saying, "Little? I call it big. I was nervous to tell you, or even to compliment you or any girl because girls are intimedating about compliments, even when they want to recieve one...But your different." He explains.

You respond to him by laughing at his cute remarks, after about 2 minutes at laughing at each other, "Hey, Do you want to hang out later? like just walk around town, explore mother nature." He asks you shyly.

"Of course Oppa, And why do you sound so shy? You know I like you, like alot." You tell him confidently.

" I know we like each other but a guy can still be shy, plus we're not official yet.." He tells you.

"Yet? So your planning to ask me out?" You ask him curiously.

You heard a little sexy giggle coming from the other side of the line.

"Maybe... You'll find out. Want me to pick you up in about 10 minutes or do want to take your time for make up and stuff cause you want to look cute, Even though you already are.."

You laugh your butt off as you respond to his question, "Haha, 10 minutes is good and I'm not cute be quiet!!"

He laughs at you as he says, "Yes you are!!! Stop being so self conscience..."

As you get ready, You both keep arguing and bickering at each other about your cuteness and your appearence.

You look at the clock as you tell Xiumin, "Hey, I got to go and get ready. See you soon Oppa."

"Ahhhh, Hurry up, I'm gonna miss the sound of your voice as soon as you call off." He complains, "Ughh, But goodbye gorgeous, See your pretty face later."

After about looking and searching, You finally found something to where a flanner shirt, black jeans, a pair of black boots and a cute black beanie with lettering that reads,

"Bad Hair Day"

You walk out of the house to see a sleek, shiny (SHINee!!! Jk I'm weird >.<) black car pulling up the curb. You see a window rolling down, You heard a voice yell out,

"Hey Gorgeous! I don't got all day!!!"

You laugh as you run towards the car. As you get in and put on your seatbelt, You look at the person next to you, You see Xiumin smiling at you,

"Hi, I missed you.."

"I missed you too.." You reply back as you give each other a peck kiss.

As you guys were driving, you realize that you had left town. You turn to Xiumin asking, "Oppa... Where are we going? I thought we were gonna walk around just like you said." Xiumin laughs awfully loud as he turns to you by saying, "I'm gonna take you somewhere special. Like a date... "

You smile as you look out the window, It was sunny (SNSD!!!) outside yet with a bit of breeze. After about like what felt like 20 years but it was only an hour, You saw a sparkling, blue(BIGBANG!!!) ocean and a beautiful layer of sand.

"The beach!!! But I didn't bring my bathing suit.." You tell him.

"It's okay, I'll buy you one. Just choose one that you like." He offers. As Xiumin stops the car and gets out, He runs towards the other side and lets you out as if you were a Disney Princess. He takes your hand and slides you out of your seat.

You both get to the store to see a window full of posing mannequins with swinsuits, dresses, skirts, etc. He opens the entrance door for you like the gentleman he is. You walk around the store looking for the perfect bathing suit.

After about 5 minutes, You found the cutest bathing suit you ever seen. It was a red 2 piece suit just like the one Sunny wore in the Party MV.

You walk over to Xiumin who was standing there, looking down at his phone. He looks up at you and the bathing suit. He smiles as he tells you,

"That's cute. It'll look sexy on you."

"Aww stop it." You tell him as he pays for it.

After about a few minutes of getting in the car, driving into a parking spot and switching out clothes, You walk out of the girls dressing room wearing the stunning and revealing outfit. You look to your left to see Xiumin walking out shirtless with black trunks. He sees you posing for him, His jaw just dropped down saying,

" You...You... You..." he stuttered.

"Can't handle it?" You playfully flirted.

He laughs as he picks you up bridal style and runs you out to the ocean. He drops you into the water, you shouted out, "Ahhh!! The water is cold!!!"

He giggles as he splashes you, you splash him back. As you two were having fun, You heard a camera snapping pics. You immediately turn around to see what it looks like the paparazzi. Xiumin grabs your hand and runs with you into a stall in the boys dressing room. You look at him, "What's happening? Who are they> Why were they taking pictures?" You ask him worryingly.

"Nothing just don't worry about it.." He says as he trys to calm you down.

"Don't worry?!?! Of course I'm gonna worry!! Now tell me why are they taking pics of us!" You yell.

He looks at the ground as he sighs, "Okay Look, I'm a K-Pop idol and I'm in a K-Pop group called EXO and I haven't been in Korea for a while because I was here to finish school and then I met you and ughhh I'm screwed...."

You grab his hands away from his face, You see him frowning, "Hey, It's okay. But you should've have told me to began with So that we could've been more careful."

He looks at you as his hand touches the left side of your face, "Thanks for understanding, Also, I was planning to ask you something but I guess it's hard for me too right now..." He explains.

"Just ask me right now..." You tell him as if the question was that simple.

"I would but I was gonna ask you in a special way,like something you'll remember, But since I can't, Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked you nervously.

"Of course, Xiumin, And I think this way is special, something I'll never forget."

You both smile at each other as you both kiss each other and wrap each of your arms around each other bodies. He pulls back telling you, "I know this seems early but I really like you and I"

"I too, Oppa." You tell him back as he strokes your hair.

These are the outifits and Sunny is the girl in the red suit with red hair like the Little Mermaid.

He is such a bias wrecker!!!!! Xiudaddy!!!! GOD DAMNIT!!!! *dies* RIP *does the sign and whistles the hunger games thing*

My ultimate bias is Jung Hoseok who is the love of my life! MY HUSBAND!!! Choi Youngjae is taking over my life 😫
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