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I'm not gonna say who this is for but just know that this is for a real person:3 Dear ( ), I need help. I need help with my heart. When I see you or your texts, it beats faster and I can't explain it. But i like it. I like you. I like your personality and your sense of humor. I can't remember a day when I couldn't think about you. You were always there for me, even when I pushed you away. You've seen my cuts, my scars, the monster in my soul, but you don't seem to care. I remember not wanting to love you because if I did, I would have more to lose. But you took my fear and replaced it with compassion. I will admit, you really irritate me sometimes. But that irritation is overshadowed by your determination to stay by my side. I hope you never leave. If you do, I will have lost the waves in my ocean. I will have lost my scorpion star. .... I don't write lovey dovey stuff. This was harder than I thought.@ShinigamiSan@superjkob@ZombieDragon@MadHouseRomance

Yo, I'm a sarcastic asshole with many problems and really likes memes. Check my Tumblr: dreadlock-scorpionshard
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