Letter To Hitler ~ D. James Breaux

They were people, people who just wanted to live. And people are people, every person, ever; same as the other, no better or worse, for all of time and eternity. You didn't change that. You just killed. You just killed. Sweet, precious, innocent people. People who just wanted to live. But you wouldn't let them. What did you do Hitler, what did you do. Ashes of your hate linger; long after you burned innocence, brilliance and beauty away from the earth....may those be the ashes where your soul rests, forever. Neverending ashes, in a hopeless place, with no walls, no sun, just darkness; like the darkness of your soul. The darkness you brought into the world. The darkness you've taken with you into the next world. Yea, rest in it. Yea, for all of time and eternity. Forever drown in your darkness. And yes sweet, precious, innocent people....they will live with the memory of your evil. But they are strong; in spite of you. Yes, they are strong in spite of you. They are strong. And equal to you. And better in every way. So much better. And beautiful, with beautiful hearts of love and beautiful eyes of wonder and beautiful stories of joy and beautiful dreams of someday; just like the ones you killed. No; time won't change it, what you did. What you did. But in the end, they win. Yes, they win. You lose. They thrive. You lose. Never again.

Random, abstract splashings from an invisible inkwell hidden in the dusty of a parallel universe....#OutlawInCharge ❤️
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