I've been contemplating life a lot lately. In fact, it's the only thing i've been doing these past few days. I can't really describe what i'm feeling right now. i'ts kinda bittersweet. I know there is so much beauty to be found in life, yet we aren't designed to discover, we aren't here to be free and it fucking hurts! We are the "yes man" society, indoctrinated to blindy follow the beaten path and fit in the collective insanity of the machine that keeps us unaware of the tricks being played right infront of our eyes. We're subconciously told to wear masks which stiffles us with the constant fear of being "exposed" to our true authenticity. At night, the masks go down. And maybe, maybe when no ones around, you may shed a tear of confusion of why this bullshit is all happening,  it's your instinct that tells you something is just not right, but you can't exactly put your finger on what's the problem, i mean you have shelter, food on your table, expensive clothes, a nice paying job, somekind of status, you SHOULD be happy and fullfilled right? And then ironicly, you think back to the time when you where relaxing on a beach, in solitude, staring into the distance, with nobody around you to tell you what to be, to do, to buy, to like, to dislike, or to feel. Fully at peace and accepting of oneself. It are moments like these that make you realize the absurdity of the world that we live in and how big of an illusion it is. How did we make something so ironicly simple, so goddamn complex.

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