How to Choose Part 8a A Night with Taehyung

Unsure of why your nerves are like Mexican jumping beans having a party in your stomach. You’ve been sleeping next to the guy for the last 6 nights, talking to him for over a year, but this, this is different. This is scary. He’s been texting you all day, cute little compliments, comments, emoji’s.

“Good Morning Beautiful,” came within one minute of his walking out the door.

“0.o you just left,” you reply with a shake of your head.

“Yes, but it needed repeating,” oh dear, you’re in trouble today. A couple of hours later it starts again,

“Missing me? I miss you.”

Unsure exactly how to respond to that bit of honesty you simply send back “♥”. The next ones must have been around lunch time.

“You’re my chocolate, you’re my candy, I really wanna have you.”

“You entice me. 4 more hours”

“You look at me and wrap around my heart. 2 hours…” he isn’t holding anything back.

Song lyrics. You smile wondering if he thought you wouldn’t recognize them. You slide your phone to your playlist and select the one titled simply V. Hmm, what would he think to know that you have a playlist dedicated to his solo songs and the songs from BTS where he has the most singing parts? You shrug, you aren’t deleting it no matter what happens; his voice stirs you inside. You put on your ear phones and go back to posting on your blog.

An hour later, “What would I do without you? Let us not find out.”

You can’t resist anymore, “Agreed. So what should I wear tonight?”

“Comfy, I keep you warm. Almost end, be there soon. ♥”

Butterflies suddenly go crazy as you look at the time, speedily put everything away and start digging through your suitcase for something “comfy” but still “cute”.

It doesn’t matter that you are already ready and just primping when the knock comes at the door. You are so nervous you jump a foot in the air, than grab the bathroom counter to steady yourself. You’re being silly you keep telling yourself, this is the same guy who you make fun of each week for mixing up his English words. You shake your head, take a deep breath when your brain chips in with, this is the same guy whose arms you fall asleep in each night and wake up in each morning when you wish the night hadn’t ended. You swallow hard as you look at yourself in the mirror, what are you not admitting?

He knocks again, you put your chap stick in your pocket and step out to open the door.

As you open the door, he looks up with a grin. Hands in his pant pockets, he’s rocking back and forth looking just as anxious as you; that settles your nerves a little.

“Hi,” he smiles almost shyly, “Ready?”

“Let me grab my key, I am good with just a jacket?”

“Yes,” he answers quickly then smiles like he has a secret. You tilt your head and lift your eyebrow in question but he just smiles and shakes his head. As you head back to the door, he holds his hand out for yours.

You place your hand in his; reaching up with the other to push his now blonde hair out of his eyes with a smile. “When did you have time to do this?”

“Today, change time again. I was told once I look hot blonde,” he winks.

He remembered that? That conversation had been back when you had first started talking; it was late for you and had just sort of popped out. You glance back over, “I agree.”

Downstairs Ken is waiting for the two of you. You smile over at Ken as Taehyung opens the door for you.

“I’m so glad the weather has warmed up. I wondered if you weren’t going to have Spring just because I was here.”

“Very different last week, fits well with plan.”

“And that plan is?”

“To win heart.” He says it so directly that you think he was joking. You look over and he isn’t smiling.

“Tae….” You start but he reaches over and puts a finger to your lips; “shh, no decision, just you and me.” Damn, he wasn’t going to make this easy on you at all.

The car drives over a bridge and you see the sign for Hangang Park. The last few days of actual Spring weather has allowed some of the grass to start changing color, a few flowers are peeking up out of the ground, early bloomers are showing color. Ken pops the trunk as you get out and Taehyung grabs a blanket and a basket.

You glance around, so much to see, so many things to do. He takes your hand and you begin strolling down a walkway. A little way down he stops, deposits the blanket and basket, “Come with me.”

He has donned a hat and a face mask, but you still think it is obvious who he is, you could pick him out of a crowd anywhere. You stroll hand in hand for a bit, he names bridges and other interesting nature buildings that the park has. He moves off the path and heads to a playground. There are a few children still around but not enough for it to be awkward. You can see the delight crinkle his eyes as he watches some of the younger kids run around. A child around maybe 2 stops in front of you, Tae squats down waving hi, the baby grins, turns and runs back to his mom. Tae takes you over to the swing set and offers you a swing with a bow. Delighted you sit down and let him push you. Soon enough the swing next to you becomes free and you end up having a swinging height contest. He attempts to cheat by grabbing your swing chain and slowing you both down.

Banpo Bridge by Hangang Park



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