Another round of memes/random pictures ^~^


This is the result of boredom..... some are funny and some could give you nightmares.....

First pic never fails to make me laugh!!!

Tattooed boys....

A little more tattooed boys....

Vixx!!! Also for the life of me I cant figure out who the last person is?!?!

Random pics of Seventeen Wonwoo

And thats all I could post..... I only am missing three so in the next card....or something you shall find them heh @Destiny1419@RihannaTiaMay@Krin@Christianliu@Kieuseru@Herreravanessa9@CreeTheOtaku@KellyOConnor@Amberg171997@TiffanyBibian@Saraortiz2002@Emealia@MadAndrea@LilySilver@ArmyofKookie@MorganElisabeth@Kpopandkimchi@Sarangseoltang@Karlythepanda66@Nenegrint14@mightmuffin@Ercurrent@EWillsea@jojojordy2324@MelissaGarza@ninjamidori@musicmofo@Eliortiz13@toitlepark@TracyLynn@MsLoyalHeart@summerblack2@IsoldaPazo@imiebegay14@amobigbang

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