Screenshot Game #3: Sleepover With BTS


I was going to post this last night but I never got around to it so here it goes....

Yeah Jungkook invited me!! I feel special haha

I hope Jimin gave Jungkook permission to invite me


Rap Monster what are you trying to start?

I'm flattered but........

Thank you Jin for acting like a protective Oppa haha

First he flirts then this *blushes more*

Sorry Suga but I really like my cuddle buddy!


Okay so I'm happy Jungkook invited me over, Suga flirted and ended up sleeping next to me, and I woke up cuddling Taehyung. All three bias who keep fighting for first place. I've tried so hard to just pick one, but then the other two do something that I just have to pick them. I adore them but they're driving me crazy!


I've been to both an Infinite and VIXX concerts. I also have Kpop playing and relate it to any conversation I have. Too many groups to name, but I love them all.
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