Sudanese relationships

Love is hard in Sudan, from my point of view, the way we treat our lovers is the same as you treat your best friends!! To be in love is to share your feelings with some else, only feelings, words, nothing else.. we are not allowed to hold hands, hug, kiss and the rest of all the things you guys do. We are allowed only to meet in public places; restaurants, parks, malls, and these kinds of places.. P.s we don't have fun places; we hangout mostly in restaurants. We can't have that romantic moments like if he wants to propose to her he must ask her hand first from her dad and after her dad say yes then he can tell her that he wants to marry her!! Brothers.. Oh God big brothers are the most horrible thing when it comes to relationships.. If her brother knew about her relationship with a guy he will simply runes her life; she will not hold her phone again, she will not hangout with her female friends again.. and in some families she will not even go to school again. There is more.. This is love in Sudan.. So how love in your country look like?

If you want to know if you are heading the right road, just ask the people who just come from there
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