Who is the best MCU actor...

Day 7 Who is the best MCU actor?

I think Robert Downey Jr is the best MCU actor. To me, he made Iron Man come alive. This character help rebuilt his career. So to me, there wouldn't be Iron Man without Robert Downey Jr. @AnnaArai@MsLoyalHeart@ARMYStarlight@MichelleIbarra@KwonofAKind@lilbrowneyes@BelencitaGarcia@JustinaNguyen@terenailyn@Helixx@thepinkprincess@JamiMilsap@Simba14@sherrysahar@merryjayne13@MichaelOgg@lovetopia@LAVONYORK@cardboardart@Shannonl5@culveryannie@Raavaan@LadyLuna@peahyr

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