Tatted GOT7 Sweetheart (Results)

Takes You on a Midnight Motorcycle Ride

Oh yeah~ my second bias :)

Holds Your Hands and Stares Deeply into Your Eyes

Oh JB why?!~~~

Confesses His Love for You

Please Jr...I love you too!!

Dreams of You Every Night but Knows You Don't See Him

Creepy much? But I still care JB ^_^

Steals You Away on a Sexy Romantic Boat Ride

I don't see Bam Bam as romantic but you never know!

Can't Decide if He Wants to Kiss You or Make Love to You

Why not both? I'm down! XD

Your Tattooed Sweetheart Has Arrived

Oh craeb~ maknae arrived!

@KhrystinaLee tagged me on her card. I expected Jackson somewhere in here. Kinda disappointed, but I have Jr. ^_^

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