Korean/English "Konglish" Words

개그맨 -> comedian (like "gag man") 핸드폰 -> cell phone/mobile phone ("hand phone") 노트북 -> laptop (not for written notebook) 프린트 -> handout (something handed out, such as a paper given by a teacher) 아파트 -> apartment (shortened) [Medium] 스킨쉽 -> touching each other (used for couples mainly) 원룸 -> studio apartment ("one room") 핸들 -> steering wheel SF -> science fiction/sci-fi 탤런트 -> actor or actress ("talent") **usually specific to TV actress & actor** [Hard] 샤프 -> mechanical pencil 츄리닝 -> sweatpants & sweat shirt (what you wear when working out or at home) 스킨 -> toner 어플 -> application (smart phone apps) 파마 -> perm

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